SBA Application Guide

Step-by-Step guide on how to submit the SBA home and personal property loan application

Find out the next steps in your DWSD/FEMA damage claim process with the questionnaire below




SBA Home and Personal Property Loans

Low-Interest SBA Disaster Loans can cover:

  • Personal items such as clothing, furniture, cars, and appliances
  • Longer-term fixes for physical property losses

Homeowners and Renters are eligible – not just businesses!

  • If you were affected by the June 25-26 floods 
  • If your property has been damaged in your primary home
  • Homeowners, renters, non-profit organizations, and businesses of all sizes
  • If you have a Social Security number and previous year’s tax filings 

The deadline to apply is September 13

If your income is above these levels, you are eligible to apply for a SBA loan: 


Number of People in Family/Household

Annual Income Level



















To start, complete the application:


  1. Online -
  2. You may have been sent the application directly by mail or email after completing the FEMA application
  3. Disaster Recovery Centers:
  • Kemeny Recreation Center (2260 S. Fort Street) 
    • Monday - Saturday 9AM - 7PM 
  • Salvation Army (3000 Conner Street)
    • Monday - Saturday 9AM - 4PM

You must complete the SBA application to receive other funds

  • If you have applied for FEMA, you need to complete this application as well

You do not need to take the loan if approved, just need to apply; there is no cost to apply

Up to $200,000 to replace real estate

EXAMPLE: If you needed to rip out and replace basement drywall or repair other structural issues caused by the flood 

Up to $40,000 to replace personal property

EXAMPLE: Any belongings not attached to the house that you can move with you such as:
Furniture, appliances, or other household items, and vehicles



Other organizations that can provide support:
  • Red Cross
  • City of Detroit Community Health Corps
  • Wayne Metro Community Action Agency
  • United Way