Request a Permit

Request a permit for the water and sewer system.

City of Detroit property owners, developers or their authorized representatives, such as engineers, engineering consultants and contractors, are required to obtain Detroit Water and Sewerage Department’s (DWSD) permit for the following:
  • Water tap to the City’s water main
  • Sewer tap to the City’s sewer collection system
  • Hydrant use
  • Demolition

For a list of registered, licensed plumbers in the city of Detroit, click here.

Permitting Guide

Water and/or Sewer Service Permit

Review the following documents in order to follow the required steps to request a permit and move through the process.


  1. If your application for the building permit or fire suppression system is in process through BSEED ProjectDox, then BSEED will route your application to DWSD for review and approval within ProjectDox before you apply for an official DWSD permit using this online form.
  2. Submit the final site plans with a scope of work description using the online form indicating which sheets contain your civil site drawings related to water and/or sewer. These plan sheets should clearly highlight the connection points to the DWSD system(s) on the plans/drawings.
Detroit property owners who are proposing to tap a DWSD water main for a fire line are required to have DWSD perform a fire line flow test. Please see below for the steps involved in these processes and associated application.

Fire Line Flow Test Request:

Due to freezing weather conditions, DWSD Fire Line Flow Tests are temporarily suspended at this time. Customers may continue to submit requests, but should note that completion of tests will resume when weather conditions are favorable for required testing. if you have any questions, please contact:



Detroit property owners who want to demolish a building/structure are required to obtain Demolition Clearance. They are also required to obtain a Fire Hydrant Use Permit to use for demolition purposes. If you need to use a fire hydrant for purposes other than demolition, you are required to obtain a Fire Hydrant Use Only Permit. See below for the steps involved in these processes and the associated permit application.

Demolition Clearance and Associated Fire Hydrant Use Permit

Fire Hydrant Use Only Permit


  • Submit your application for Demolition Clearance and Associated Fire Hydrant Use using this online form.
  • Submit your application for Fire Hydrant Use Only using this online form.