Concept Plan Review

Concept Plan Review (CPR) is a pre-development review service offered by the City of Detroit Planning and Development Department, in partnership with fellow departments with regulatory review and approval authority. Owners with early stage projects who participate in CPR will experience streamlined review services and emerge better prepared for future permit review and approval. This process is required by Detroit City Code, Chapter 61 Zoning, Section 61-3-17 Concept Plan Review. Please see below for legal language. Additionally, we recommend developers go through a voluntary concept plan review process. A voluntary process may also improve the entitlement process as noted below in the Development Review Process diagram.

Please download and complete the Concept Plan Review: Project Data Form when submitting for a Concept Plan Review. Link to download the Concept Plan Review: Project Data Form is located at the bottom of the webpage under the documents heading. A meeting tracker sheet is also available for download.

    Sec. 61-3-171. Concept Plan Review.

    Concept plan review is an initial review of certain proposed development projects by Planning and Development Department staff that may be required of projects which involve acquisition of City-owned land and/or public funds. Concept plan review is not a required part of the site plan review process for projects not involving City-owned land and/or public funds. Submittal for concept plan review shall be made directly to the Planning and Development Department prior to the permit approval process, which begins with submittal of the permit application to the Buildings and Safety Engineering Department.

    PDD requests the following information on11x17 for our Concept Plan Review Meetings:

    • 3D oblique birds-eye renderings and/or elevation drawings showing the proposed building within its context. The renderings/drawings must extend 3 parcels at each side of the proposed new construction.
    • Line drawings to include floor plans, elevations, and sections. All materials and finish colors must be called out. Site Plan should include: Parking design, count and need/unit and a Landscape design including stormwater, green roof design, and street trees
    • Aerial location map and larger context map with includes street names north arrow
    mutual value
    development process

    Acronyms Defined

    • (BSEED) Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department
    • (BZA) Board of Zoning Appeals
    • (CPC) City Planning Commission
    • (CPR) Concept Plan Review
    • (CRP) Community Revitalization Program
    • (DEGC) Detroit Economic Growth Corporation
    • (HDC) Historic District Commission
    • (HRD) Housing and Revitalization Department
    • (JET) Jobs and Economic Team
    • (OPRA) Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act
    • (PA-210) Public Act 210
    • (PDD) Planning and Development Department
    • (PD Zone) Planned Development Zone
    • (TMSO) Traditional Main Street Overlay


    Please contact the Design Region Director who oversees the area of Detroit where your project is located to set an appointment time for a Concept Plan Review.