Doing Business in Detroit

How to Do Business in Detroit

The City of Detroit is Open for Business! We can help you navigate through our processes whether you want to start a new business, bid on a contract, or purchase land for Development.

Whether you are a business that has operated for decades or a new start-up, this site is designed to help you work with us as you grow your business in Detroit

Bidding on Detroit Contracts

Detroit needs your business

Did you know the City of Detroit needs everything from vehicle parts to office supplies? If you provide goods and services at scale and at a competitive price, sign up to bid and start exploring currently available contracts.

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Steps and Required Documentation for Bidding

Obtain clearances

Verification that an individual, business or sub-contractor seeking employment, contract, or a business license with the City of Detroit does not have any outstanding debt with the City of Detroit and is current on all of their City of Detroit Income Taxes.

Required documentation: Individual or corporate tax returns

  1. Fill out online application
  2. Receive an email confirmation

Length: 7-10 days

Register as a supplier in Oracle
  1. Prepare required documentation:
    a. A completed, signed and dated W-9
    b. Contact Information, keywords to describe goods or services you provide.
    c. Email address, to receive newly generated Purchase Orders, when generated.
  2. Create Oracle profile
  3. Receive an email confirmation

Length: 1-2 days

Certification - Not required but highly recommended

Depending on the certification, businesses qualify for the following benefits: appreciation events, networking and capacity building opportunities, equalization credits when placing bids, and visibility on the business certification register.

  1. Required Documentation:
    1. Business name and location, contact information, billing information
    2. Business Certification Affidavit
    3. Business Roster (for Detroit Headquartered Business certification)
    4. Minority Based or Women Based Enterprise Declaration, if applicable
  2. Fill out online application
  3. Receive an email confirmation

Length: 21-45 days

  1. Must meet the qualification as specified in the Bid Scope of Work
  2. Provide Proof of relevant licenses and permits, if applicable
  3. Submit all documentation by the Bid Close Date
  4. Receive a confirmation email

Length: varies

Detroit Land Development

Put Detroit’s land to good use

Whether you’re a developer wanting to build on a City parcel or a community-member looking for a plot to create a pocket park, you can start the process here.

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