Heilmann Park

Heilmann Park Playground


Heilmann Park is located at 19601 Crusade St on the same campus as the Heilmann Recreation Center. The park features a track & field, playground, walking path, tennis courts, skate park and basketball courts.  

Timeline for Improvements to Heilmann Park


On Thursday, January 26, 2023, Detroit Parks and Recreation presented the updated concept for Heilmann Park based on community input. To view the PowerPoint presentation for the meeting, click on the image below.

Click Here to watch the recording of Community Meeting #2



On Thursday, October 20th, Parks and Recreation held a design studio. You can still stop by Heilmann Rec Center at 19601 Crusade to see the feedback wall. Paper surveys are also available.


Picture of Feedback Wall at Heilmann Rec


View the Community Meeting #1 Presentation Here

The Zoom Meeting recording from October 20th meeting will be uploaded once it becomes available.


More About the Heilmann Park Improvement Project

Heilmann Park is the major catalytic park project for the City of Detroit’s Strategic Neighborhood Fund (SNF) initiative for the Gratiot/7 Mile (G7) Neighborhood Framework Plan area.  The project is now in the implementation phase. The area available for park improvements is highlighted below.  $900,000 in SNF funding has been allocated from the City toward Heilmann Park.  The City has also been awarded $900,000 of additional funding from the National Park Service Outdoor Recreation Legacy grant.  This brings the total project budget to $1.8 million.  While this may seem like a lot of money, this will likely not cover all the desired improvements.  Therefore, we are returning to the public to get a better sense of your priorities for the site so we can best design the improved park

Recommendations from the G7 Framework Plan 


Improvement area of Heilmann parcel