Chandler Park

Chandler Park

Chandler Park is Detroit’s fourth largest park with 200 acres of sports fields, sports courts, skate park, walking paths, aquatic facility, and a golf course.  The park is located at 12600 Chandler Park Drive on Detroit's east side.

Chandler park aerial image with amenities


Improvements Coming to Chandler Park - New Indoor Recreation!

The City of Detroit General Services Department is currently in the construction documents stage for a new recreation facility at Chandler Park, the results of many years of community input and planning efforts, as well as recognizing the need to address a "gap" in access to public recreation facilities in this part of the City.  We are gathering input on what types of activities you and your family would like to do in this space, to best design the space to serve the needs of the community. 



We received many suggestions through the engagement process and wanted to give residents the chance to decide what the new facility will be called, please vote here: New Chandler Recreation Facility Name

Construction starting in late 2023 and 2024
Site plan for the new rec facility at Chandler Park

Site Plan


Interior rendering of the new rec facility coming to Chandler Park

Interior Rendering


Exterior rendering of the new rec facility coming to Chandler Park

Exterior Rendering


New Playground & Picnic Amenities!

A new playground and picnic shelters are going in at Chandler Park!  The City recently completed a survey and several community meetings, the below park design was created through community consensus and will be under construction through spring 2024.  More details and presentations are available at the the bottom of the page.


Playground and picnic areas coming to Chandler park



For more information:

Past presentations:

Playground & Picnic Shelter Project - Final Presentation

Chandler Park Rec Facility Draft Design, March 31, 2022

Chandler Park Final Rec Facility Designs


To attend a City event or reserve a space in Rouge Park visit the City's Parks & Recreation page



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