Brookins Park

Brookins Park is a 1.57 acre neighborhood park located at 11164 Rossiter in District 4 of Detroit's Eastside.  The park features a playground area and park shelters.


Shamori Whitt, Senior Parks Planner

Arianna Zannetti, Assistant Chief of Landscape Architecture

Upcoming Improvements

Improvements to Brookins Park were identified as Phase 2 priorities based on the analysis completed for our Parks and Rec Strategic Plan (PRSP).  The City has identified funding for a major renovation. Please see the general timeline for improvements below.

Timeline for Improvements to Brookins Park


The Project Team has been working closely with the Yorkshire Woods Organization in designing the improvements.  Our first community meeting on the project was combined with their April meeting. Our next meeting will be coordinated with one of their upcoming Summer meetings and we will be showing park concepts based on the feedback we have received.


Stay tuned for updates!