For Pregnant Moms (Little Sisters)

All pregnant moms are known as Little Sisters and all Little Sisters in Detroit are eligible for a SisterFriend!

A SisterFriend
A SisterFriend is a volunteer, mentor, and friend on a mission to care for you (her Little Sister). She will help you overcome challenges you may face during your pregnancy. She will be there for you so that you can have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

You can expect your SisterFriend to:

  • Care about you and your baby.
  • Connect with you every week (in person, over the phone, or through text).
  • Link you to community resources that support a healthy pregnancy, birth, and parenting.
  • Help you overcome any obstacles to prenatal care.
  • Plan for, and track, your prenatal appointments.
  • Commit to being there for you and your baby from pregnancy to baby’s first birthday.

Many times SisterFriends and Little Sisters become like family and stay in touch long after the Little Sister’s baby turns one!

For more information, call 313.961.BABY.