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Child Care Facility

Child Care Centers & Child Caring Institutions

The Detroit Health Department inspects Child Care Centers, Child Caring Institutions, and Children’s Camps.  These facilities are licensed by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) and Detroit Health Department conducts Environmental Health inspections. 

If you wish to open a daycare facility, first contact the LARA Licensing Unit in Detroit at (313) 456-0380. For specific licensing information, you can go to the LARA website.  Please visit the City of Detroit Buildings, Safety, Engineering, and Environmental Department (BSEED) website for additional requirements including Zoning, and building construction or renovation permits.


Inspection Requests

If LARA requires you to have an Environmental Health inspection, please complete an Environmental Health Inspection Request Form (BCAL-1787) and submit it to our office with a payment for the inspection fee. Requests will not be processed without payment. Call us at (313) 876-4715 for more information.

The Environmental Safety Division now accepts credit card / ACH payments through our new online payment system. 
Please make all inspection payments online using the link below:
https://cod.divdatkiosknetwork.com/EnvironmentalHealth; you can attach the BCAL 1787 or fax the form to:


If you would prefer, you may Mail, or drop off your Environmental Health Inspection Request Form and check, or money order, payable to City of Detroit, to: 

Detroit Health Department
Environmental Safety
100 Mack Ave. Room 311
Detroit, MI 48201

Inspection Appointments

Once the inspection request form and payment are received an Environmental Health Specialist will contact you, typically within 5-7 days, to schedule an appointment for your inspection.  The Environmental Health Specialist enforces the requirements listed in the Michigan Licensing Rules for Child Care Centers . Specifically, rules listed under Part 2 - Environmental Health Provisions.  

Child/Adult Care Facility Inspection Fees

  • Initial Inspection: $345
  • Renewal Inspection: $210
  • Modification: $345    

File a Complaint

You can file a Child Care Center complaint on the LARA Website.  Detroit Health Department also responds to complaints and follows through with a resolution or referral to other state or City of Detroit Departments having jurisdiction.