Riopelle Streetscape Project

Weekly Update - Week of August 12th - 18th


  • Fire hydrant relocation at Adelaide & Riopelle
  • Complete drainage structure work at Division & Riopelle
  • Drainage structure work at Winder & Riopelle
  • Wood Pole removal at Winder & Riopelle
  • Start sidewalk work on Riopelle at the t I-75 service drive and work north for removal and replacement.
  • All work is on East side of Riopelle St.


Project Details

Riopelle is one of the busiest streets in the Eastern Market, lined with vehicles, businesses, murals, and market events. The goals of this project are to improve mobility, strengthen foot traffic for existing and new businesses, and create a shared street space for all modes of transportation.


Riopelle Streetscape Timeline

What is Going On

Street enhancements for the corridor, from Division to the Fisher Service Drive.

When Will the Project Happen?

Construction will begin in the summer of 2019

What Changes Will See?

This project include roadway resurfacing, pavement markings, furnishings, ADA accessibility, traditional and festoon lighting, landscaping, providing a shared street experience for the corridor between Adelaide and the Fisher Service Drive.

Why Are These Changes Being Made?

The goal of a streetscape project is to achieve a beautiful corridor where neighborhood businesses can thrive and where people feel safe and welcomed. The improvements will better support all forms of transportation including walking, biking, riding transit and taking a car.


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