Jos Campau Streetscape Project

Project Details

Joseph Campau serves as a vital connection from Jefferson Ave to the Riverfront as a thriving business corridor. The goals of this project are to improve mobility, especially to the riverfront, and create a beautiful corridor to encourage active sidewalk life, strengthen foot traffic for existing and new businesses, and boost community life.

Joseph Campus Streetscape Construction Timeline


Weekly Update – Monday, September 16 to Friday, September 21

Finishing phase 2 starting to move into Phase 3; Guoin to Wight


  • Over the weekend, we had milling done on the roadway and today the paving is taking place. We should be done with that by 3pm if everything goes right so access to the parking lots and streets will be available except for the area between Guoin to Wight.

  • Removal and installation of crosswalks and sidewalk ramps on both sides of Joseph Campau between Guoin and Wight.

  • Brick installation at crosswalks will begin starting at the rattlesnake club moving north and will be completed in phase 2.

What Changes Will See?

This project will include roadway resurfacing, pavement markings, furnishings, a 2-way protected cycle track for bicycles, improved lighting, landscaping and connection opportunities to the Detroit Riverwalk.

Why Are These Changes Being Made?

The goal of a streetscape project is to achieve a beautiful corridor where neighborhood businesses can thrive and where people feel safe and welcomed. The improvements will better support all forms of transportation including walking, biking, riding transit and taking a car.

Getting Around

Jos Campau will have intermittent road closures with posted detour signage, and access to businesses will be maintained.