Jos Campau Streetscape Project

Project Details

Joseph Campau serves as a vital connection from Jefferson Ave to the Riverfront as a thriving business corridor. The goals of this project are to improve mobility, especially to the riverfront, and create a beautiful corridor to encourage active sidewalk life, strengthen foot traffic for existing and new businesses, and boost community life.

Joseph Campus Streetscape Construction Timeline


Construction Update! 

Weekly Update – Monday, October 28th to Friday, November 1st

  • Installation of stripping.

  • Installation of permanent signs.(need core drill approval)

  • (possibly) Installation of bike racks and trash cans.

  • Site restoration

  • Installation of pavement stripping.

  • Installation of bumper blocks


What changes will I see?


This project will include roadway resurfacing, pavement markings, furnishings, a 2-way protected cycle track for bicycles, improved lighting, landscaping and connection opportunities to the Detroit Riverwalk.

Why Are These Changes Being Made?

The goal of a streetscape project is to achieve a beautiful corridor where neighborhood businesses can thrive and where people feel safe and welcomed. The improvements will better support all forms of transportation including walking, biking, riding transit and taking a car.

Getting Around

Jos Campau will have intermittent road closures with posted detour signage, and access to businesses will be maintained.