Conant Streetscape Project


What happened? 

The City of Detroit has completed Conant Streetscape Project which runs from Davison to Carpenter. The project included new sidewalk, lighting, landscaping, traffic calming measures, street resurfacing and pavement markings and signage. 

Below is a concept plot that shows the changes to the project that was communicated at our last two community meetings.


Conant Streetscape Community Meeting #3 Illustrative Plan


When will the Conant Streetscape Project happen?

The project was completed in the spring/summer of 2021.


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Why Conant?

The project stems from the Campau/Banglatown neighborhood plan which the community identified Conant between Davison and Carpenter as the neighborhood's strongest retail corridor in which they were concerned about the conditions of sidewalks, the lack of designated crossings at major streets, and cars speeding.

Who can I contact about further information on the Project?

Contact Irvin Wyche, Project Manager of Complete Streets, DPW at [email protected] 

Md Abdul Muhit, District 3, District Business Liason, DEGC at [email protected]

Other Resources:

Click here Campau/Banglatown neighborhood plan for information on the neighborhood framework plan.













Photos from the February 4th Community Meeting below! 

































Conant Streetscape Community Meeting #3 Comments Received















 Past Community Meetings!

Conant Streetscape Project Community Meeting #3


Conant Streetscape Community Meeting #2


Conant Streetscape Community Meeting #1