Bagley Streetscape Project

Construction Update!

Week Look Ahead (Monday, October 14 – Saturday, October 19th)

  • Form/pour 23rd intersection approaches
  • Form/pour 23rd intersection sidewalk and planters
  • Continue brick paver installation from 23rd to 24th
  • Start paver installation in 23rd intersection

Project Details

Bagley between 24th Street to I-75 Service Drive will be re-envisioned as a “shared street”. Bagley will be a versatile new curb-less street that lets the street serve traffic and business needs, while transforming into a lively plaza for special events. The project will include enhanced lighting, brick pavers, plantings, and decorations, while making it a better place for residents, visitors, and businesses.


Bagley Streetscape Timeline

What is Going On?

Construction for roadway and shared street improvements between 24th Street to I-75 Service Drive.

    What Changes will I see?

    This project will provide a shared street experience for the corridor that will include new roadway pavement, underground infrastructure, festoon and traditional lighting, street furniture, brick pavers, and landscaping.

    Why are These Changes Being Made?

    The goal of a streetscape project is to achieve a beautiful corridor where neighborhood businesses can thrive and where people feel safe and welcomed. The improvements will better support all forms of transportation including walking, biking, riding transit and taking a car.


    Getting Around

    Businesses will remain open and have maintained pedestrian access.


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