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Strategic Plan


The development of the three-year strategic plan has involved valued input from a wide range of individuals, groups and organizations. The strategic plan is a three-year commitment to improve accessibility in Detroit implemented in three phases.

Phase 1 – Capacity Building: In 2021, the City will define the role of the Office of Disability Affairs, obtain resources for its general operations and programs, and increase public engagement and community partnerships.  Under phase one, ODA will:

  • Increase public engagement and community partnerships
  • Establish a departmental disability affairs liaison policy
  • Develop general operations and office procedures and increase funding for programs and operations
  • Improve accommodations and reduce ADA-related complaints and develop an ADA self-evaluation & transition plan

Phase 2 – City Impact Year: In 2022, the Office of Disability Affairs will work with City departments to increase accessibility and opportunities for the disability community, and impact policy and procedures.  Under phase two, ODA will:

  • Evaluate office performance and improve disability awareness through training of City employees
  • Improve sidewalk conditions and public transportation and increase accessible parking
  • Increase the City’s hiring of those in the disability community
  • Increase disability awareness of the City’s Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Improve access to accessible housing and digital content (such as American Sign Language and captioning)

Phase 3 – Community Impact Year: In 2023, the Office of Disability Affairs will work with community partners to further develop Detroit into a more welcoming, inclusive and accessible city. During this phase, ODA will:

  • Evaluate office performance of community partners
  • Improve law enforcement and emergency responders’ interaction with people with disabilities
  • Increase the disability employment rate in Detroit
  • Improve equitable access to health care

Download Full Plan Here (Three-Year Strategic Plan in PDF)

Strategic Plan PDF



We invite you to provide input and collaborate with us as we plan and implement each objective. With your support, we will work together to advance Detroit to the next level.

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