Inspection Tips

Regular property inspections can have a number of benefits for the property owner, the tenant, and the community.   Inspections can help:  

  1. Alert property owners to needed repairs and maintenance before more significant problems develop, helping to prevent more costly needs in the future;
  2. Provide safe, quality housing to Detroit residents; and
  3. Make the neighborhood more attractive, which helps to improve property values for homeowners and rental property owners alike.

BSEED’s Property Maintenance Division handles all renter- and owner-occupied property inspections for code violations. The City’s qualified inspection companies also help to perform rental housing inspections of 1-2 unit properties on behalf of the City, in order to reduce any wait time for rental property owners requesting an inspection. You may schedule your inspection on the City's web portal.  Before you may occupy your property with a tenant, you must successfully pass a property inspection and receive a Certificate of Compliance.

You must address all possible lead hazards in the property to obtain a Certificate of Compliance and legally occupy the property.
To learn more about successfully addressing lead hazards, visit Addressing Lead.

Before having an inspector come out, reduce the odds of a violation being found by referring to the below list of common interior and exterior violations.
Items marked with an * indicate the most common violations seen by City inspectors when inspecting rental properties.