Detroit Taxpayer Service Center FAQ's

When are my property taxes due?

Summer Payment: The first half-summer installment is due on or before August 15th and the second half-summer installment is due on or before January 15th or the full amount is due on or before August 31st.

Winter Payment: The winter tax payment is due on or before January 15th.


What if I did not receive a tax bill, am I still liable for the tax?

Yes.  While the collecting treasurer is to send tax bills out to all known taxpayers, if the tax bill is returned due to a bad address or name, as the property owner you are still liable for the tax.  Not receiving a tax bill does not alleviate the tax burden.

If you have not received a tax bill, you should check with the Assessor’s office located in Suite 130 Coleman A. Young Municipal Center to change the mailing address. Please note you will need to provide proof of ownership (i.e., warranty deed, quit claim deed, etc.) to confirm that they have the correct owner’s name and address for billing purposes.

If at any time you need a copy of your current tax bill, you can contact us via phone at (313) 224-3560 or email us at [email protected].  A duplicate bill will be mailed or emailed to you. We no longer provide bills to customers on-site



Why am I being charged Interest and Penalty?

If you do not make the payments by the due dates specified on the billing, interest and penalties will be applied.

Summer Payment: Any remaining summer balance will be subject to penalty and interest from July 1st.

Winter Payment: If the winter balance is not paid on or before January 15th the interest is accrued back to December 1st.


*All unpaid balances will continue to accrue interest and penalties each month.

Why was I charged an NSF fee when I placed a stop payment on my check?

When the taxpayer issues a stop payment and the City does not receive the funds, the taxpayer is charged an additional fee to cover the processing involved in the returned check transaction.

How long does it take for my payment to post to my account?

There are various timeframes a payment will post depending on the payment option used.

DivDat Payments (Kiosk): 24-48 hours

Mail: 7-10 business days *this timeframe may vary depending on the US Postal Mail Service delivery

Point & Pay (Phone Payment): 24 hours

Auto Agent: ACH or wire must be initiated following the uploading payment file

Plan Ahead Payment Program: Payment deposits post 7/1 through the end of the current tax season

When are delinquent real property taxes transferred to Wayne County Treasurer Office?

March 1st.

Why do I have to prove I overpaid my taxes to receive my refund?

This process provides the proper documentation for proof of payment to ensure that the Treasury Division refunds the money to the appropriate entity/person who made the overpayment.

How long is the refund process, and when should I expect my money returned to me?

Please allow 4-6 weeks for your refund to be processed. The time is needed to audit the account to ensure the refund is accurate and paid to the proper party. However, during the peak tax season, please allow additional time.

Does the city of Detroit have any programs to help citizens pay their taxes?

The Treasury Division has instituted a Tax Deferment Payment option. This program allows qualified citizens to defer their Summer property tax payments to February 14.  Senior citizens may also apply for the Solid Waste Discount. You may obtain both applications via the Detroit Taxpayer Service office located in Room 130 of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center or by clicking the links below or by email at [email protected].


Where can I pay my taxes?

ONLINE - Pay by eCheck or credit card* on the - Select the "PAY" tab then select "Property Taxes" then enter your address or parcel number (include the period or dash based on your parcel)


KIOSK - Pay with cash, check (no money orders or cashiers checks) or credit card at DivDat kiosk located in your neighborhood. See list of kiosk locations on the back of the flyer or go to ((include the period or dash based on your parcel)


DivDat MOBILE APP - Pay by eCheck or credit card*. Download the DivDat mobile app from your smartphone's app store. (include the period or dash based on your parcel)

MAIL - Send check, money order or cashier's check, along with your payment coupon to City of Detroit- Property Tax Department, PO Box 33193 Detroit, Ml 48232-3193. Payment with enclosed coupon must be received by the due date to be considered timely.

PHONE - Pay by credit card*, call 1-855-894-2400.


CITYHALL (Payment Center) - Detroit Taxpayer Service Center - Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday, 8am – 4:30p. Person-to-person tax payments are no longer accepted at City Hall.  All payments at City Hall will be made using kiosks. There are kiosks located in the Electronic Payment Center (Suite 154), behind the Spirit of Detroit at the Woodward entrance and in the main lobby  .

*Additional fees will be applied to all credit and debit card transactions.


10 or fewer - Pay by eCheck or credit card* on the web at - Select the "PAY" tab then select "Property Taxes". Add your properties to your cart and make a single payment.

11 or more - Pay via ACH/Wire using AutoAgent. It's the easiest way to pay many properties at once! For more information about AutoAgent go to

Note: You only need a bill when paying by mail. All other methods have a "look-up" feature.


For more information, please contact our Detroit Taxpayer Service Center at 313- 224-3560 or [email protected]

Does the City of Detroit have a drop box for Property Tax payments?

The City of Detroit does not have a payment drop box.

Where can I apply for the HOPE and Veteran exemptions?

HOPE and Veteran exemption applications can be found online here.

Where can I get information about Neighborhood Enterprise Zone?

Information about NEZ can be found online here.

How do I request a split or combination of my parcel(s)?

All parties with ownership or taxpayer interest can fill out the Parcel Revision Form and return it and the supporting documents to the Assessors Land Records Maintenance email digitally for review.

To begin the parcel combination process, complete the Parcel Revision Form.

Email completed Parcel Revision Form and the supporting documents to: [email protected]

The Office of the Assessor Parcel Revision Application Packet contains a Parcel Revision Checklist detailing the requirements for ALL parcel modification requests.  Also included in the packet is the Parcel Revision Form and Resolution of Authority form.