When Art Is Your Business: A workshop on becoming a sole proprietor

LIVE From Detroit

Creative entrepreneurs - fine artists, authors, poets, comics, storytellers, stage, dancers,  production experts, musicians and others - across Detroit are struggling because small business help that is bailing out many small companies do not always help those who work alone. To help creative entrepreneurs become sole proprietors and teach them to handle their business, the Detroit Office of Arts, Culture and Entrepreneurship hosted a virtual forum with a panel of community leaders to offer guidance. Panelists include Christine Coady Narayanan, President and CEO, Opportunity Resource Fund; Dimitrius M. Hutcherson, Executive Vice President First Independence Bank; Justin Erickson, Program Manager, Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Project University of Michigan; and Krysta Pate, Programs Director Community Reinvestment Fund, USA. Rewatch it here.


ART UNDEFEATED: How to submit your work to be featured in the new Undefeated showcases

Thanks to the Kresge Foundation, the City of Detroit has launched a year of celebrating arts and culture and Detroit's contributions to American Excellence. The Office of Arts Culture and Entrepreneurship (Detroit ACE) is asking creators citywide to submit programming, performances and works of art for a monthly showcase highlighting the breadth and depth of exceptional talent in our city in fine arts, music, spoken word, theatre, film, culinary arts, fashion and more. You must include your full name and email address with your submission and the price if your submission is for sale or hire. We also will plan a variety of other projects this year to give our artists a chance to shine. Send offerings to [email protected] You may submit high-res photos or m4 video.

  • Three digital images of artwork or photos
  • A single entry of poetry or spoken word
  • A film clip of no more than 5 minutes
  • Video of a performance that is no longer than five minutes.

Deadline for March 30 showcase is TODAY: March 15! 


To help support Detroit ACE's mission and celebrate Detroit's artistic genius, you can donate by sending checks to:
Metro Solutions
18000 W Nine Mile Rd #360
Southfield, MI 48075