Siana Treece Event

Style, grace, and true fashion taste would be a great way to describe The Siana Treece Collection. This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend Siana Treece’s fashion show and 30 th Birthday Celebration. The fashion show was amazing and featured so many great fashion pieces and other designers. Her pieces and dresses were so beautiful and detailed. By the time the models were finished showing out in these authentic pieces, I was already eyeing clothing that I wanted to have at home in my closet!

Siana’s event was filled with so much to celebrate. Not only was it her birthday and fashion show, but her web launch as well! Siana’s event had many surprises including her receiving the Spirit of Detroit Award from the team of Brenda Jones! The Spirit of Detroit award was recognition of the many achievements and leadership Siana has shown and continued to show in the community!

After receiving her award, I had a moment to chat with her about her accomplishments and plans for the Siana Treece Collection. Read below for her brief interview.

How did you get started in Fashion?

“I got started in fashion because of my love for fashion illustration. I consider myself an artist first. I draw and paint. I started very young with illustrations and from there it grew into the design.”

Every designer has an inspiration. Is there a particular designer that inspires you?

“I’ve always been inspired by Roberto Cavalli. His designs always possess a certain sex appeal. He uses lots of prints and textures that I love. He's known for dramatic maxi style gowns and bold animal prints. I also am inspired by Diane Von Furstenberg. I love that her aesthetic is always conscious of the female figure. Her designs are very effortless and very flattering. Those are qualities that will go a long way in fashion design and I always try to keep those elects in mind.”

How do you keep up with the trends?

“Keeping up with trends isn't hard to do in this day in age. We're a very visual society and a very commercial consumer-based society, so trends are everywhere at all times. I think as a designer it's more important to develop a signature style that is unique to your brand, instead of keeping up with trends. Obviously, trends play a part in the design process but more so I try to make brand recognizable to the consumer and stick to my aesthetic through the trends. Once you can achieve that brand're on to something.”

Where do you see the Siana Treece Collection in 5 years?

“In 5 years I see The Siana Treece Collection selling Internationally online. I see at least 1 brick and mortar store selling the STC exclusively. I see my clientele growing and designing for the stars!”

What advice/ tips do you have for the new millennials who are looking to get into the fashion world or just getting started?

“If I were to give new millennials any advice, I'd tell them to take time to develop their own design style and focus on their strong suites. Very often we focus too much on other designers or try to create things that we see, and with the fashion industry already so saturated it’s important to be genuine.”

You can check out the Siana Treece Collection on Instagram @thesianatreececollection as well as visit the new site