The Midtown Gal

Meet Bree Turmon also known around the city for her self-made business Project Recap TV where she interviews local upcoming Detroit artist, business owners, poets, comedians, motivational speakers and more. Every year she throws several events featuring these people, granting them the opportunity to come out and express their talent to the city of Detroit. Bree is not only her name, it’s her brand, and she decided to take it to the next level when she moved to midtown Detroit, which brought The Midtown Gal. With so many things happening in the downtown Detroit area, why not take advantage by participating in some of the new and innovative activities, concerts and let’s not forget food and drinks. That’s just what Bree did!

Bree started her journey when she first moved to midtown about a year ago, she wanted to explore all the new restaurant/bar options available, and thought it would be cool to start a blog and inform people about the new places she discovered! She started by visiting the restaurant of her choice and picking a dish she found most interesting. Rather good or bad she writes a very honest review on the restaurant website or yelp explaining her experience. Though she has traveled to other places trying out different foods and drinks there is something about Detroit that sets her heart here. There’s so much growth happening in the city that she wanted everyone to be able to experience it. She has been to multiple restaurants so far in the downtown/midtown area such as Motor City Brewery, She Wolf, Honest Johns, Gus’s fried Chicken, and Royale with cheese just to name some of many. She says “A few of my favorites are Prime and Proper. I really enjoyed the carrots, and their Mac and Cheese is absolutely delicious. I also enjoy the cocktails at Standby, my favorite drink is the “penicillin” and “Pretty Woman”. You may not have heard of some of these places because chain restaurants are still a thing of popularity. Bree is hoping to change that and in the future, she can see herself being featured in local news articles, writing reviews for popular restaurants in the city and being invited to check out some of the hottest new spots! Since she enjoys writing she will even take it to the next level by traveling outside of Michigan just to write reviews on new and upcoming restaurants. Her first stop, the busy city of New York, pizza is one of her favorite foods and one of New York’s most popular foods to try when visiting down there and since she is a big city gal she wouldn’t mind trying out some of the street eats as well.

Even though Bree has not visited every single restaurant in the midtown area she plans to visit as many as she can taking it one day at a time. As of now she will continue to grow her business and keep everyone in the city updated on where to try the best food and drinks. She leaves with some advice for anyone trying to follow in her steps but just can’t seem to push through. “Go for it and don’t give up! Don’t stress about “likes” and “followers”. Just do what you enjoy doing and the rest will come.” If you want to stay connected with Bree follow her on Instagram @themidtowngal and @projectrecaptv_llc.