Mayor Duggan Announces Nonpartisan Detroit Votes 2022 Program to Make Civic Participation a Priority


Mayor Duggan Announces Nonpartisan Detroit Votes 2022 Program to Make Civic Participation a Priority

DETROIT – Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan today announced the city is launching a new nonpartisan program, Detroit Votes 2022, to make civic participation a core priority for the city.

Detroit Votes 2022 will provide voter registration and voting information to citizens via businesses, colleges, civic organizations, and our sports teams, during the 2022 general election.  

Mayor Duggan also is committing to using his office to communicate with eligible voters about how they can register and where they can vote. He has asked city departments to include nonpartisan voter registration information when residents contact city departments, and will update the city website with easy voter registration links.  

Detroit Votes 2022 workers began just before the August primary election, knocking on more than 15,000 doors.  Between now and the November general election, they expect to reach 100,000 homes. 

In addition, July billing statements from DWSD already contained a reminder message to be sure to register for the upcoming election. From now until the November 8th election, the Department of Neighborhoods will conduct a citywide door-to-door canvass reminding Detroiters of upcoming election dates and the many ways they may cast their ballots in the city.

“At the heart of our democracy is civic participation, and there is nothing more important we can do than educate citizens about the process –  and to make it more convenient for Detroiters to vote,” said Mayor Duggan. “From providing voting information on the City website where citizens can learn more about voting - to teaming up with colleges and universities to high schools, and employers - Detroit Votes 2022 will make voter registration easier and more accessible.”

In 2020, new voting laws were implemented due to the passage of Proposal 3, in 2018. Proposal 3 created straight-ticket voting, automatic voter registration, same-day voter registration, and no-excuse absentee voting. The COVID-19 epidemic also caused state and local voting jurisdictions to encourage early voting and vote-by-mail to ensure public safety. 

As a result, Detroit’s voter participation increased by 10% overall and by 250% in absentee voting and 11,729 citizens registered to vote.  We encouraged new registrations and participation via text messages, phone calls and letters sent to the homes of unregistered voters, with voter registration and education information.  

For voter registration information, to view election results, or to register as a poll worker please visit the Department of Elections page here.