East Warren Ave continues to transform as Mayor joins city officials and partners for Public Market groundbreaking

  • 10,000 sq. ft. public market designed to promote community engagement and business development in East Warren community
  • Space will also house East Warren Development Corporation offices
  • $5.5 million project made possible by investments from the Strategic Neighborhood Fund and Gilbert Family Foundation


Mayor Duggan joined city officials, East Warren Development Corporation, Invest Detroit, the Gilbert Family Foundation and community members to celebrate another great investment in the East Warren Ave corridor, one of the city’s Strategic Neighborhood Fund (SNF) neighborhoods. Today’s groundbreaking of the East Warren Public Market is one of many milestones the community has recently celebrated, including the completion of an $8.8 million streetscape, multiple Motor City Match business openings, and progress on an 18-unit affordable housing development. 

East Warren Public Market will be a hub for local vendors and small business owners to network and sell their products year-round. The 10,000-square-foot building will feature a small grocery market, retail spaces for vendors and budding entrepreneurs, a community gathering space, and a farmer’s market. The facility will also house the offices of the East Warren Development Corporation, an organization dedicated to the revitalization and progress of the E. Warren Corridor.

This project marks the second phase of the E. Warren Development Corporation’s plan for the neighborhood. The first phase is dedicated to transforming the former Pizza Hut next door into a commercial kitchen space for food-based businesses, initiating further growth along the corridor and prompting community engagement.

Public Market groundbreaking pic1
Mayor Duggan joins city officials, partners, and the East Warren Development Corporation for groundbreaking.


"Joe Rashid and the team at the East Warren Development Corporation have been driving change in this community for years, and now thanks to their hard work and the generosity of our community partners, this corridor is being revitalized,” said Mayor Duggan. “I thank them for their vision to create even more opportunity for small business owners here at what will be the East Warren Public Market.”

In 2019, the CEOs of seven corporations each pledged $5 million to one of seven SNF neighborhoods.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Daniel J. Loepp pledged his company’s $5 million investment to the greater East Warren SNF neighborhood. That funding has helped to support key improvements in the area, including $2.5 million dedicated to the construction of the East Warren Public Market.

“Today marks another significant milestone in the revitalization of the East Warren / Cadieux corridor,” said Daniel J. Loepp, President and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. “Ensuring access to nutritious foods like fresh fruits and vegetables is essential to the health and well-being of our communities. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is proud to partner with Mayor Duggan, the City of Detroit and the East Warren Development Corporation to continue investing in the future of this neighborhood.”

The East Warren Public Market is designed to attract residents and vendors from all over the city of Detroit, increasing traffic along the corridor and boosting the local economy. Community partners and residents from Morningside, East English Village, and Cornerstone Village will have access to the community spaces within the building.

“The E. Warren Public Market and commercial kitchen spaces will offer a permanently affordable environment for local businesses to flourish and a gathering place for our community,” said Joe Rashid, Executive Director of East Warren Development Corporation. “We are continually inspired by the resilience and innovation within our community and look forward to collaborating to develop this campus.”

Public Market groundbreaking pic2
Joe Rashid, Executive Director of East Warren Development Corporation, thanks the city and funding partners for their continued support for the East Warren corridor.


Public Market groundbreaking pic3


Project Partners 

The East Warren Public Market development was made possible thanks to the support of several community partners, including the Strategic Neighborhood Fund through Invest Detroit, the Gilbert Family Foundation, and the Ralph Wilson Foundation.

East Warren/Cadieux is a Strategic Neighborhood Fund (SNF) neighborhood and has seen record investment thanks to this public private partnership. The fund, created by Mayor Mike Duggan and Invest Detroit in 2017, provides critical funding for neighborhood small businesses, multi-family housing developments, streetscapes, and park improvements in 10 key neighborhoods across the city. In and around East Warren the SNF has provided funding for affordable housing, business development, and major improvements at Balduck Park.  

“The Strategic Neighborhood Fund is excited to participate in the East Warren Public Market development. The East Warren Development Corporation has been integral to revitalizing the East Warren corridor," said Jermaine Ruffin, SVP of Neighborhoods for Invest Detroit. “This project took a vacant former Pizza Hut and will turn it into a beautiful space that serves the community in a holistic way. We look forward to seeing this project becoming a hub where local entrepreneurs, community groups, and artists can grow.”  

As a part of Gilbert Family Foundation and Rocket Community Fund’s $500 million, 10-year commitment to building opportunity in Detroit, Gilbert Family Foundation announced a $2 million investment to fund the design and construction of the East Warren Public Market and the redevelopment of the Pizza Hut next door into commercial kitchen space. This investment builds on the success of several public markets supported by Gilbert Family Foundation, all geared toward creating platforms for local entrepreneurs to connect with their community.

“Every thriving city has safe, inclusive gathering spaces,” said Laura Grannemann, Executive Director, Gilbert Family Foundation. “From Eastern Market to the Downtown Winter Markets, the Gilbert Family Foundation believes in supporting spaces where local entrepreneurs can connect with community, fostering a sense of pride, improving health outcomes and building economic opportunity for all. We are proud to bring that same commitment to the E. Warren Public Market and surrounding neighborhoods.”

One of the four pillars of the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation is Entrepreneurship and Economic Development. Through this work, they hope to foster small business growth, place-based community and economic development, and talent attraction and retention, making their investment in the East Warren Public Market a great fit.

"Supporting the East Warren Public Market means more than just creating a new business space; it's about nurturing a vibrant entrepreneurial environment for the community,” said Dave Egner, CEO at the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation. “By providing opportunities for local entrepreneurs, this market will drive economic growth, foster community engagement, and promote creativity, drawing together residents and retailers from all over Detroit and beyond.”

Continued investment in the East Warren corridor and surrounding neighborhoods is creating a destination for Detroiters and visitors alike on the east side. East Warren Development Corporation has worked closely with Councilmember Latisha Johnson, who has supported them every step of the way.

“This has been a long time in the making. The community has been advocating for development and continued improvement along East Warren for decades,” said Councilwoman Latisha Johnson. “We are so grateful to have Joe Rashid leading the effort to revitalize this corridor. Community members will continue to support the East Warren Development Corporation as they bring new businesses to the area.”


About the East Warren Development Corporation

East Warren Development Corp is dedicated to the revitalization and development of the E. Warren Corridor, supporting local businesses, and enhancing community engagement and well-being. Through strategic projects and community-focused initiatives, we aim to create a vibrant, sustainable neighborhood for all residents and businesses. www.ewarren.org.