DWSD Prepares for Potential Flooding; Urges Residents to Clear Debris from Catch Basins

  • Today, crews are deployed to clean the catch basins and respond to potential flooding
  • City urges residents and businesses to check nearby catch basins to make sure there is no debris or objects on top of or near the drains to help reduce street flooding
  • Great Lakes Water Authority will staff and monitor pumping stations and wet weather treatment facilities throughout the rain event

DETROIT – The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) has crews in the neighborhoods today through the weekend cleaning catch basins (storm drains) to help reduce potential flooding from the forecasted rain storm. DWSD encourages residents and businesses to follow recommended flooding tips and to keep debris and objects away from catch basins.

DWSD’s sewer trucks and crews are already deployed and will be working today, well into the evening and the entire weekend, cleaning catch basins in advance and responding to street flooding caused by blocked catch basins. DWSD needs the public’s assistance. Clear the catch basins in front of your house or business, and help your neighbors do the same. Catch basins carry stormwater off city streets and nearby properties into the city’s combined sewer system.
Since DWSD launched its catch basin inspection and cleaning program, including purchasing new equipment and hiring additional staff in 2017, crews have inspected and cleaned 25,533 storm drains. The goal is 30,000 by August 2020.

Flooding Tips:
DWSD offers the following wet weather tips.
•    Avoid driving through standing water.
•    Clear leaves, trash and other debris from above and around the catch basins, and make sure no objects such as garbage and recycling bins are on top of the storm drains.
•    Check your basement drain(s) to make sure they are not clogged in case they are needed if water enters your basement.
•    Stay clear of standing water in your basement if the area includes electrical appliances, outlets, and a fuse box.

Basement Backups:
If you experience a basement backup, be cautious, take photos and if there is damage, file the proper claim within 45 days of the incident. Basement backups can occur for many reasons including a clogged private sewer line, basement wall cracks, tiling issues, or other private infrastructure, and at times due to the demand on the public sewer system. Property owners are responsible for the sewer infrastructure on their parcels, while DWSD is responsible for the city’s sewer collection system (see image below).

The Great Lakes Water Authority will monitor and staff its pumping stations and wet weather treatment facilities throughout the weekend and following the rain event.

Report street flooding by calling 313-267-8000, or use the “Improve Detroit” SeeClickFix mobile app for Apple and Android devices.