COVID-19 Protocol

Bridging Neighborhoods seeks to serve program participants in a way that protects the health of residents and staff. As part of the Bridging Neighborhoods COVID-19 protocol:

  1. Participants will be allowed to go to the office during assigned office hours.


  2. Participants will additionally be allowed to schedule appointments with staff after all virtual options have been exhausted.


  3. Participants will be required to follow PPE requirements as outlined in City Standards.

     This includes wearing a mask over the nose and mouth.

  4. Participants will be subject to a Daily Health Screening upon entering the Program Office.


    1. Any participants who do not pass the Daily Health Screening will be required to provide confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test prior to returning to the Program Office. Negative tests will be accepted from any medical-administered testing facility.


    2. BN will update the website and notify participants of this requirement. BN will do its best to accommodate any dissenting participants with alternate methods of communication.


Per MIOSHA and the City's Safe Workplace Standards, masks must be worn inside City offices.