City Historian Jamon Jordan to give annual Black History Month Lecture from Ford Field

  • City To Offer a Month of Programming on Detroit’s Rich Cultural and Performing History on Channel 22 and on social media platforms  


The City of Detroit office of Arts, Culture, and Entrepreneurship (Detroit ACE) will offer the community a month-long celebration of Black History with Undefeated, a daily video series featuring speeches, panels, and interviews on Black history and artistry in Detroit.

The month-long series will kick off with City of Detroit Historian Jamon Jordan annual speech on Black arts history in Detroit, which will air at 7 p.m. on Channel 22 and on all social media platforms. The series will include videos on Detroit’s history and impact in Jazz, Gospel, Architecture, and Comedy.  Detroit ACE encourages the community to tune Monday through Friday to view each segment.

Jordan, the first City Historian in Detroit history, gave last year’s lecture at the historic Second Baptist Church, a site on the Underground Railroad. This year, to honor the Detroit Lions, he will speak from Ford Field, home to the most successful Lions team in years.

These lectures are in addition to the hundreds of tours, speeches, workshops and lessons he offers to communities across the region.

“We are so proud to be one of the cities in America with an official historian who is teaching the rich history of Detroit, history that every American should know and every Michigan child should be taught,” said Rochelle Riley, the city’s Director of Arts and Culture in whose office Jordan works. “This position is one of the most important Mayor Mike Duggan has ever appointed and speaks to how much this administration values history and culture and the contributions of Detroiters to American history.”

For more information or to receive the lecture for news sites, please contact Lacey Holmes in the ACE office at [email protected].