City of Detroit's Housing Services HelpLine adds homeless services entry point (CAM), expands staff, hours of operation

  • Emergency shelter access is now available through the City’s Detroit Housing Resource HelpLine, 866-313-2520, operated by Wayne Metro Community Action Agency 
  • The homelessness coordinated entry system, known as CAM, will now be managed by the Homeless Action Network of Detroit  
  • Additional City funding will allow for expanded staff, hours of operation and resources to serve residents facing homelessness 

The Detroit Housing and Revitalization Department and the Homeless Action Network of Detroit (HAND) announced today that emergency shelter can now be accessed by residents through the Detroit Housing Resource HelpLine at 866-313-2520.  

Launched in May 2023, the Detroit Housing Resource HelpLine was created by the City to provide a single, streamlined point of entry for Detroiters needing to connect to housing-related services.  

"The addition of CAM brings homelessness resources within the same service network and call center as the HelpLine’s housing stability programs," said Mia Harnos, Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency's Chief Operating Officer. "These measures are projected to drastically reduce the CAM call center’s previous wait times, reduce the need for repeat calls, and expand access to vital community resources."

CAM will also receive additional funding from the City of Detroit that will more than double the number of intake staff answering emergency shelter-related calls and expand hours of operation during the week (Mon-Fri, 8a-6p) and into the weekend (Sat, 9a-12p). In-person locations for residents to access the CAM will also be opened later this year. 

“Detroiters facing homelessness need quick access to the services that can help them be stably housed. We heard from Detroiters that the previous hours were not sufficient and wait times were too long. HRD is looking forward to improving the level of services offered with Wayne Metro and HAND through the HelpLine,” said Julie Schneider, Director of the Housing and Revitalization Department.  

The Homeless Action Network of Detroit is expanding its role as the Continuum of Care lead and will also be the new CAM Lead Agency. As the Lead Agency, HAND will provide oversight and coordinate between Wayne Metro and non-profit agencies that provide services to persons experiencing homelessness.  

“As it relates to the integration with the Detroit Housing Resource Helpline, callers to CAM will continue to receive access to emergency shelter services in addition to new resources such as utility and legal assistance offered by the Helpline.  It is great to have these added benefits for Detroit residents” says Tasha Gray of HAND.  

Besides homelessness services, residents can access a variety of services through the HelpLine, such as property tax foreclosure counseling, home repair services, homebuyer counseling and education, financial counseling, legal assistance for evictions, employment assistance, and support to report poor rental property conditions.  

“The City’s goal is to create a full continuum of services that residents can easily access with one phone number. With the CAM integration and expansion, the HelpLine truly provides end-to-end service: Whether you need resources to purchase or repair a home, stay housed or if you become unhoused and are seeking shelter, the HelpLine has resources to help you and your family. This goes a long way towards the administration’s goal of a functional, accessible and equitable housing resource ecosystem,” said David Bowser, Chief of Housing Solutions in the Housing and Revitalization Department.  

Since its inception in May of 2023, the HelpLine has received over 25,000 calls from residents seeking housing resources.  

What to do if you need help  

If you are at risk of homelessness or currently homeless, please call the Detroit Housing Resource HelpLine at 866-313-2520 M-F, 8a-6p, and Sat 9a-12p. Depending on your needs, you will be connected to housing resources that can keep you housed or prevent you from becoming homeless, or emergency shelter for homelessness assistance.  

About the CAM 

The CAM is the coordinated entry system for Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park to connect people experiencing homelessness to emergency shelter and homelessness services.