City of Detroit encourages resident collaboration in final major push of flood-related waste cleanup

City of Detroit encourages resident collaboration in final push of flood-related waste cleanup

• September 3rd will be the last date for daily pickup in the flood-affected areas
• Bulk waste disposal returns to normal operations and fines begin September 4th
• Over 60-million pounds of storm-related bulk waste removed over the last two months
• Residents encouraged to be courteous and assist neighbors as well as use Improve Detroit App or call (313) 874-0004

Note: Representatives from DPW will be made available to media 10AM Wednesday, August 25 at 5800 Russell, DPW yard.

Detroit – City of Detroit Department of Public Works (DPW) is making the last call and final push to clean up the city of storm and flood-related debris. Now through September 3rd, residents are to clear their property of flood-damaged items only and place them at the curbside of their residence. On September 4, bulk pick-up operations return to normal with enforcement of fines. “We are giving everyone two weeks' notice to get the last of their items out to the curb,” said DPW Director Ron Brundidge. “It’s time to return to normal operations of our two-week bulk schedule.”

So far, more than 60 million pounds of bulk storm and flood-related debris have been removed from neighborhoods. "Our crews have been out for the last two months circulating through flood-impacted areas on a daily basis,” said Superintendent of Solid Waste Doug Collins. “We want people to understand DPW is committed to keeping Detroit clean and we need everyone’s cooperation to make that happen.”

Bi-weekly pickup resumes September 4, and along with it, enforcement for putting bulk out more than 24 hours in advance of residents’ regular bulk day. If for some reason, citizens have flood-damaged items that they will not be able to get to the curb before September 3, DPW is asking residents to let the department know.

“We don't want you to keep flood-damaged items in your house any longer than necessary,” said Collins. “If you need to move these items to the curb after September 3, call us at (313) 876-0004 or let us know through our Improve Detroit App and we will do a special pick up for flood-damaged items only, not for ordinary household bulk.” Crews have encountered all kinds of debris thrown out throughout the city that is not storm or flood-related which has put a heavy burden on other residents and workers. The mission is to clean up the city while encouraging healthy and responsible behavior and enforcing penalties for those who do not comply with city rules and regulations.

Quick facts residents should know:

• Now through September 3 DPW will sweep through City to remove all bulk debris that remains
• Beginning September 4, enforcement of fees and fines will begin
• After September 3, residents can call (313) 876-0004 or use Improve Detroit App under Bulk Pickup to request curbside pickup
• Bulk items should be no more than 1,000 pounds and not exceed two cubic yards in volume
• All items must be dragged to the curbside of the residence they were removed from and NOT to any other location.
• All doors must be removed from appliances prior to setting them out for collection.
• Construction debris, household hazardous waste, flammables, explosives, paint, batteries, fuels, oil, tires, car parts, needles, radioactive materials and chemicals are not considered bulk items.

Correct way to dispose of bulk debris:


Incorrect way to dispose of bulk debris: