City of Detroit begins reconstruction of 1.3-mile-long Eliza Howell Park access road

  • Park will be closed to vehicular traffic until construction is completed in Dec 2023  
  • $3.7M road reconstruction will improve park users experience when complete  
  • New road will include dedicated bike lanes and bioswales 


Today, community members, local and state officials joined in celebrating the major groundbreaking on-road renovations for Eliza Howell Park. Eliza Howell Park is Detroit's third largest park at 250 acres and has needed road repairs for decades. Park users have long sought repairs to the heavily worn road to improve the community's experience. The project is funded by $3.7 million of City of Detroit funds.    

"Improving Eliza Howell Park has been a long time coming," said Detroit City Council Pro Tem James Tate, Jr., representing northwest Detroit's District 1. "Even though the park needed new pavement, safer and better multimodal parking options, and clearing of its paths, that hasn't stopped residents and visitors alike from enjoying the park. I've always known we could give the residents the park they deserve.” 

Eliza Howell pic1
Community leaders, city and state officials celebrate the start of roadway construction at Eliza Howell Park


The renovation project of Eliza Howell focuses on the main roadway, which also consists of reconstructing the entire 1.3-mile loop road and will include separate bike lanes, bioswales, speed humps for calming traffic, signage, and parking.   

Eliza Howell Park boasts 250 acres of natural areas, trails, and park amenities along the Rouge River in Detroit's Brightmoor neighborhood. The park has a vibrant arts and culture scene, made possible through partnerships with local organizations such as Sidewalk Detroit.   

Eliza Howell pic2
Eliza Howell main roadway before construction


"I'm elated to work with the City's General Services Department and local organizations like Sidewalk Detroit to do just that. Investing in our neighborhoods will continue to be my priority, working with city departments and the community to spur revitalization within District 1," said Po-Tem Tate.

Eliza Howell pic3
Construction crews prepare to kick off $3.7 million renovation project at Eliza Howell Park


During construction, the park will be closed to vehicular traffic. However, it is still open for foot traffic. Road construction is set to finish construction by the end of 2023. Stay up to date on construction progress and programming for Eliza Howell Park here