Ambassador Bridge, City of Detroit, and the Hubbard Richard Residents Association enter into Community Agreement


The Ambassador Bridge, City of Detroit and the Hubbard Richard Residents Association have entered into a historic agreement addressing long-standing issues between the Ambassador Bridge and the surrounding neighborhood, including an agreed-upon framework for expanding the Ambassador Bridge Plaza in Detroit.

Specifically, the Ambassador Bridge has agreed that it will:

  • Donate 10 properties it owns in and around Hubbard Richard to the neighborhood along with $20,000 per property to assist in redevelopment. 
  • Contribute property to the City with the intent that it be incorporated into the City’s Roberto Clemente Recreation Center. 
  • Demolish the former “Greyhound Building” located at 2300 W. Fort Street, split the property into two parcels, and donate the larger parcel to the neighborhood for non-industrial redevelopment.
  • Construct a berm along 16th Street that buffers the neighborhood from industrial uses to the east.
  • Build a new 16th Street between West Lafayette and W. Fort Street to improve ingress and egress to the neighborhood.

The Ambassador Bridge has additionally agreed to restrictions on further property acquisitions in the neighborhood. 

The HRRA has agreed:

  • To the expansion of the Ambassador Bridge Plaza within agreed upon areas.
  • To design standards including aesthetics, buffering, lighting, and relocation of utilities and sidewalks.

The City and the Ambassador Bridge will cooperate on the plaza expansion and the work associated with buffering and in the public right of way. This work includes a $443,000 donation by the Ambassador Bridge for lighting and landscaping improvements.

Matthew T. Moroun, Chairman of the Ambassador Bridge, said, “Earlier this year, I promised to the City Council that we would make a beneficial and positive agreement with the community. It was important that we kept that promise. This agreement is the result of a lot of hard work, will provide a win-win-win for the HRRA, City and our company, and demonstrates our commitment to improving important relationships. We look forward to working together to implement the agreement.”

“I want to thank the HRRA and the neighborhood for their good faith participation in the discussions and negotiations that led to this agreement.  Moreover, I want to thank Mayor Duggan and his staff for their personal involvement and commitment to get this done along with Council President Mary Sheffield, Council Member Mary Waters, their staffs, along with a special thank you to Councilmember Santiago-Romero and her staff, all of whom played key roles helping bring this agreement to fruition.” 

Sam Butler, president of the Hubbard Richard Resident Association, said, “The Ambassador Bridge’s commitment to restrict further property acquisition in our neighborhood is real progress toward repairing long-standing disputes between Hubbard Richard and the Ambassador Bridge. We hope this is the beginning of continued cooperation with the Ambassador Bridge to sustain our thriving residential neighborhood. With the City’s support, we are excited to work with partners to transform currently vacant land into affordable housing, greenspace, and other valuable assets for the neighborhood.”

“This is a major turning point for the Hubbard-Richard community and the Bridge Company," said Mayor Mike Duggan. "Their willingness to work together resulted in an agreement to build a badly needed plaza expansion in a way that respects the residential character of the community and provides it some real benefits."   

Council Member Santiago-Romero said, “As Council Member, I am focused on creating vibrant, thriving communities for Detroiters and I am grateful for the opportunity to do so in partnership with my residents. This most recent chapter of DIBC-Hubbard Richard relations can be a new beginning. For years, residents had an ask of DIBC and the City: come to the table, listen to our lived experiences, and negotiate with us – directly. After countless deliberations and late nights, what resulted was this community driven community benefits agreement with protections and assurances. It’s my hope that we build on this momentum and ensure that we put the voices and wellbeing of impacted residents front and center in all development moving forward.”

The next steps under the Agreement include the Ambassador Bridge obtaining various City approvals, including City Council approval of the Agreement. 

About Hubbard Richard Resident Association

The HRRA advocates for the interests of the Hubbard Richard neighborhood, which is bounded by Grand Boulevard, Fort Street, 16th Street, and Toledo Street.

About the Ambassador Bridge

The Ambassador Bridge is a tolled suspension bridge across the Detroit River that connects Detroit, Michigan in the United States with Windsor, Ontario in Canada. The Bridge and its related companies provide employment for over 20,000 worldwide and nearly 1,000 in the City of Detroit.