Verify Employment Eligibility

Employment Eligibilty Verification FAQ

Any company/organization/governmental entity can request a verification of employment letter with a fully executed authorization letter (on company letterhead), signed by the employee that gives the City of Detroit permission to release employment history information

No, the City of Detroit will not provide employment verification for Personal Services Contractors, as they are not employees.  Contractors should refer to their contracts for verification of the terms of their respective contracts.

The City of Detroit will only provide the following:
-    Name
-    Classification/Title (Current or Last Held)
-    Dates of Employment
-    Salary (Current or Last Assigned)

Current and Former Employees can obtain prior wage information from the Social Security Administration Office, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and may use copies of their check stubs to verify income history.  Copies of W-2’s may be obtained from Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) – Payroll Audit Division located in Room 644 of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center at 2 Woodward Avenue. 

The company should receive the verification letter within 48 hours or two business days


Coleman A. Young Municipal Center – Suite 316*

*Please Note Identification is required