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Detroit Film Office FAQ

The Detroit Office of Special Events and Film issues a no-fee general permit for all work being completed in the city of Detroit.  To obtain a DFO Permit, the film company must complete a Location Use Form and submit it to the Film Office one month prior to filming. The DFO also requires all film companies to provide proof of adequate insurance for all film projects. Insurance requirements can be found in the form section of the DFO website. In addition to DFO requirements, depending on the uniqueness of the project, additional city permits and/or fees may be required. Listed below are DFO answers to frequently asked questions.

The DFO does not provide employment placement services.

DFO assists industry professionals by facilitating the permitting process and acting as a liaison with city departments for film productions.

The Permitting process depends on the project type. Typically a permit can be issued within 48-72 hours.

You can find and print both of the forms from this site. Once the forms are completed, they should be emailed to [email protected]. Upon receipt, our office will contact you regarding your project.

The insurance forms are needed to protect the city of Detroit from liability during your shoot.

Yes, insurance forms are necessary for all projects. Prices may vary.

DFO does not provide insurance. You must provide your own insurance.

Currently, all DFO intern positions are filled. You may however, forward your resume to [email protected]for future consideration.

Contact the Michigan Film Office at (800) 477-3456 or

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The Detroit Film Office is located in the: 

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
2 Woodward Avenue, Suite 333
Detroit, Michigan 48226.

The phone number is (313) 224-1606 . You can also e-mail us at [email protected]