Detroit Film Office

We handle small features and silver screens.

The Detroit Film Office issues a no-fee general Film Permit and/or a B-Roll Film Permit for all work being completed in the city of Detroit. To obtain a Film Permit, the film company must complete a Location Use / Film Permit Application and submit it to the Film Office one month prior to filming. The Film Office also requires all film companies to provide proof of adequate insurance for all film projects; which should be acquired prior to submitting your application. In addition to Film Office requirements, depending on the uniqueness of the project, additional city permits and/or fees may be required.

What to Expect

  • Upon receipt of your application the Film Office will contact you and review your application in full to ensure it is complete.
  • Your application will also be reviewed by the Detroit Police Department.
  • The film office will advise and assist you in getting the necessary permits once your application has been approved.
  • The application is reviewed based on the overall city impact and required resources, which may include but not limited to the following:
    • Cost of police and man power availability (must be reimbursed)
    • Fire Department permits
    • Street closures permit (detour plans needed for massive closures)
    • Community Impact forms for street closures
    • Health Department impact
    • Business License permit
    • Parking meter reimbursement
    • Building & Safety permits impact
    • Recreation costs and fees
    • DDOT routes impacted