Phase 1 Information

Renew Detroit Phase 1 Participants are starting or are currently in construction through 2024

Current Status: As of September 2022, roof replacements for Renew Detroit's Phase 1 began. Phase 1 roof replacements will continue summer of 2023 and complete in 2024.

The Renew Detroit team finished its Phase 1 application review in June 2022, conditionally selecting 1,400+ homeowners to receive new roofs in the program's first phase. Renew Detroit staff performed on-site home assessments throughout the summer of 2022, ensuring that the conditionally selected homes both required a roof replacement and also that a roof replacement could be completed safely without endangering the structure of the home or the individuals in the home.  

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If you received a Phase 1 application denial and have questions, please contact our team directly during business hours at 313-224-3880.

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