Community Partner Resources

Thank you for your interest in Renew Detroit and assisting residents with our program! We understand that in order for us to do Renew Detroit right, we must be working with our neighborhood organizations. 

In preparation for Phase 2 of Renew Detroit, we have created a Toolkit. The Toolkit includes a variety of informational documents aimed to assist both community partners and interested residents. Please review the first page of the Toolkit, the index, to understand the type of informational document and the intended audience. 

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RD Phase 2 Toolkit  

RD Phase 2 Toolkit - Spanish

RD Phase 2 Toolkit – Arabic

RD Phase 2 Toolkit - Bengali

RD Phase 2 Toolkit – Plain Text

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In addition to the Toolkit, if your organization is hosting an event where you would like Renew Detroit staff to present about Phase 2 or provide direct assistance with the Phase 2 application, please fill out our Community Invite Request Form linked here. While we cannot guarantee accomodation at all events, we will strive to attend as many of the invites as we received. For events that we cannot attend, we will be sure to connect with your organization on alternate ways we can support you request.

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If you represent a community organization and would like to receive regular updates on Renew Detroit's program progress, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject line, "Request to receive stakeholder notifications."

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