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What is Lean?

At the most basic level, Lean is a set of process management practices and decision making tools.  The goals of Lean are consistent across all industries and departments: reduce waste and improve Quality, Speed, Cost, Safety, and Morale.  Improving all five areas will support long-term success for the organization and everyone involved—including customers, employees, owners, suppliers and other stakeholders.


Lean has already been applied in manufacturing (factories, product design, and administrative functions) and service industries (including healthcare, banking, and government). The City of Detroit is one of the first municipalities in the United States to implement focused Lean initiatives, practices and development. 

How is the City of Detroit using Lean now?

Lean Team Usage


The City of Detroit officially launched a Lean program in 2013 when Mayor Duggan asked for help from local consulting companies.  


Below, under DOCUMENTS, are a few example of projects and processes that have been improved by someone going though Green Belt Training & Certification in the document section.


City Council President
City Council Pro Tem