Special General Election April 16, 2024

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How To Appear Before City Council

You may send your petition to the Office of the City Clerk addressed to The Honorable City Council. When appropriate it will be placed on the City Council Agenda for action. Your petition must contain sufficient information for the City Council to properly investigate or process your petition.


Please use the information below as a guide to preparing your petition:

   1. Who: Indicate  the name, organization or position

   2. What: Indicate the purpose of request

   3. Where: Indicate the location of the request

   4. When: Indicate the date and time of event

   5.  Why: Indicate the reason for the request


Petitions can be submitted in-person, via email [email protected], or by mail using the address below:


Honorable Janice M. Winfrey
Office of the City Clerk, Ste 200
2 Woodward Ave., Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
Detroit, MI. 48226
(313) 224-3266

City Council President
City Council Pro Tem