Banner Application & Information

he following items MUST BE included in the permit application package in order for it to be considered:

  1. Complete banner permit application form
  2. Signed and dated indemnity agreement (Attachment A)
  3. Signed and dated maintenance and removal agreement (Attachment B)
  4. Copy of certificate of insurance
  5. Sketch, drawing, or actual sample of the banner to be displayed (see example attached)
  6. Listing and/or map of the specific locations for the banners
  7. $100 non-refundable permit fee
  8. A refundable deposit (amount specified in Section 4 of the Policy on Banners in the Public Right- of-Way) to be held in escrow presented to the Consumer Affairs Department prior to the issuance of a banner permit .

NOTE: This application is for the proposed banner(s) for a specified period of time only. After Expiration of the permit (if granted), or should the banner change in any way, another application will be required.  


Hanging Banner from Utility Poles
Nothing may be attached to a utility or light pole without the permission of the City. The City Council can grant permission to attach banner to Lighting Department poles. To get permission to hand banners you must petition the City Council. The petition should identify where you want to hang the banner(s), what the banner(s) will say and how long the banners will hang.

No banner will be allowed to block the view of traffic signals or signs. The Public Lighting Department will inspect the poles before advising the City Council about allowing any banners to be attached. The permission given by the City Council is good for up to six months. If you want to hang banners for more than six months, you should petition the City Council for an extension.

The Petitioner is responsible for purchasing, installing and removing the banners and the hardware needed to hang them.
The Public Lighting Department will supply a copy of its Banner Specifications upon request. 

Make sure you keep a copy for your records.

Submit  applications by email, mail or in person.

Office of the Detroit City Clerk

Coleman A. Young Municipal Building

2 Woodward Ave. Suite 200

Detroit, MI 48226

[email protected]


City Council President
City Council Pro Tem