Office of the Chief Investigator (Police Complaints)

The Office of the Chief Investigator (OCI) serves as the investigative staff for the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners (BOPC).  O.C.I. is staffed by civilian personnel. It is their job to direct the process for receiving, investigating, and the resolution of complaints about police misconduct against the Detroit Police Department and its personnel.

All citizen complaints are forwarded to the OCI for investigation.   You will receive notification of your complaint number, and the name of your assigned investigator.  If OCI determines criminality in the complaint, the case will be forwarded to the Professional Standards Division (PSD) for investigation.  Periodically, you will receive information on the status of your complaint, until it is completed.

The findings are then reviewed and approved by a member of the Board of Police Commissioners.  After approval by the board, the Office of the Chief Investigators will notify you in writing of the investigative findings and whether or not non-disciplinary corrective action or disciplinary action was taken.

You have a right to file a complaint against Detroit Police Department personnel by:

  • Letter or in person to:
    Office of the Chief Investigator
    900 Merrill, Detroit, MI 48203
  • Telephone: (313) 596-2499
  • Online
  • Fax: (313) 596-2482
  • In person, through any precinct, bureau, section or unit of the Police Department, or at the Office of the Chief Investigator.
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