Board of Electrical Examiners

The Board of Electrical Examiners consists of nine members appointed by the Mayor of the City of Detroit. Duties of the Board include: prescribing license application forms, examining applicants for license, prepare, review, and approve examinations for electrical licensing, conduct hearings to determine if licensees have complied with the provisions of applicable administrative rules and to promulgate any other administrative regulations necessary to make the provisions of the Michigan State Electrical Code effective.


Board of Electrical Examiners Mission Statement
The Board of Electrical Examiners operational authority is established by Section 406.0 of the City of Detroit’s Ordinance 604-H. The duties of these nine (9) mayoral appointees have been developed to ensure that electrical, electronic, and fire safety installations are safe and effective for the citizens of Detroit.

The Board of Electrical Examiners works closely with the Electrical Inspection Division and promulgates code information to the Licensees of the Electrical Division of the Buildings, Safety Engineering & Environmental Department of the City of Detroit. Members of the Board pledge to the citizens of Detroit our continued effort to see that they have the safe and wonderful functionality of electricity.

Effective April 4, 2017: The Skilled Trades Regulation Act: Public Act 407 of 2016 was adopted. This Act supercedes the Electrical Administrative Act: Public Act 217 of 1956. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with this new Act. For a downloadable copy, please click here. VETERANS: Please click here for an important update regarding the DD214 exemption. 

VETERANS: Please click here for an important update regarding the DD214 exemption.


Effective December 1, 2016: Renewal of your 2017 Electrical License(s) must be accompanied with a Certificate of Completion from an approved instructional course for the 2014 National Electrical Code. Please see the

for Certificate requirements.  Do you need help finding an approved provider? Check out the C.E. Broker site below for state approved providers.  


Do you have a question /concern not covered under the FAQs? Please contact the Board Secretary here.



Board of Electrical Examiners' Members

Acting Chairman: Mr. Bert McAlister

Secretary: Ms. Marian Swint

Electrical Engineer: Mr. Ray Litt

Electrical Utility: Vacant

Ex-Officio:  Mr. Michael Cronk Jr.

Journeyman Electrician: Mt. Ric Preuss

Master Electrician: Mr. Warren Coklow

Public Lighting Representative: Vacant

Resident Taxpayer: Mr. Bert McAlister

City Council President
City Council Pro Tem