Board of Water Commissioners January 2022 Meeting and Public Budget Hearing


The Detroit Board of Water Commissioners will have its January Meeting and Public Budget Hearing on Wednesday, January 19 at 2 p.m. at the Water Board Building. The public may also view the meeting through Zoom.


View the presentations and other meeting documents here.



Detroit Board of Water Commissioners

January 2022 Meeting & Public Budget Hearing


Wednesday, January  19,  2022

2:00 p.m.

735 Randolph Ave., Detroit, MI 48226




Attend Meeting Virtually

To attend online:

Use Passcode: 482262021


Attend by phone: call one of these numbers:





Use Meeting ID: 815 7263 5118

Use Passcode: 482262021




How to Make a Request for Public Comment
During the Board of Water Commissioners meeting, members of the public may make a comment when the chair opens the public comment section of the agenda. For this BOWC meeting, there will be two opportunities to share your comment -- public hearing and regular meeting.

If attending in person, raise your hand. If attending online, raise your hand using the Zoom hand icon on your desktop or mobile device.  If calling into the meeting by phone, press *9 to raise your hand.  Comments are limited to three minutes.

We respectfully request that you maximize your three minutes by sharing all your comments/questions at one time.

You will only be called upon once for public comment during the same committee meeting, full board meeting or public hearing.  

Once the chair closes public comment, there will be no other comments from the public accepted. In person, no attendees will be called upon again, and virtually all attendees will remain muted for the duration of the meeting.

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