Nonresidential Drainage Credits

Learn About Drainage Charge Credits

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) launched a drainage charge credit program in October 2016. Detroit non-residential customers who reduce the runoff from their properties – by planting rain gardens or installing pervious pavement, for example or directly discharging to surface waters (Detroit or Rouge Rivers) – can earn credits to be applied to their drainage bill.

DWSD offers implementation assistance to non-residential property owners and developers, as funding allows. Find out about the Capital Partnership Program here.

Drainage Program Guide and Application Forms

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Guides

Community Outreach and Service Credit Program

DWSD offers nonprofits the opportunity to earn credits for outreach and service projects.

Get more details on the outreach credits.
Apply for the community outreach credits.


Local Engineering and Landscape Architecture Firms that attended 2018 DWSD Drainage Program Technical Seminar

The following engineering and landscape architecture firms had one or more staff participate in the "Technical Seminar for Engineers and Landscape Architects: Understanding the DWSD Drainage Program" conducted by DWSD in February 2018. As a matter of policy, the City of Detroit and DWSD do not endorse, certify or approve firms, contractors, or product vendors.

  • 4J Architecture-Detroit
  • ABE Associates, Inc.
  • Anderson, Exckstein and Westrick, Inc.
  • ASTI Environmental
  • Benesch
  • CDM Smith
  • Centric Design Studio
  • Devlin Land Design
  • DLZ
  • Drummond Carpenter PLLC
  • Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.
  • Giffels Webster
  • Green Advantage Consultants
  • Hagenbuch Weikal Landscape Architecture
  • Hamilton Anderson
  • Hamp, Mathews & Associates, Inc.
  • Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc.
  • InSite Design Studio
  • Juno Solutions,LLC
  • LGC Global Inc
  • livingLAB
  • Nowak & Fraus Engineers
  • Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment, Inc
  • PEA, Inc
  • Performance Engineering Group
  • Pingree Cultivation & Consulting
  • The Mannik & Smith Group, Inc.
  • WSP
  • Zeimet Wozniak and Associates

Local Green Stormwater Infrastructure Contractors

The following contractors have completed a 50-hour course on constructing and providing maintenance for green stormwater infrastructure projects. The Detroit Training Center, through the Detroit Economic Development Corporation with funding from the Erb Family Foundation, conducted the training. As a matter of policy, the City of Detroit and the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department do not endorse, certify or approve contractors or product vendors.

  • ABC CO. Landscaping
  • ABE Associates Inc.
  • Auberry and Associates Inc.
  • Brad’s Landscaping Service Inc.
  • Dave Roberts Landscapes
  • Demographic Inspiration
  • Ecotechtonics
  • EDG Services LLC
  • EDR Construction and Property Maintenance
  • Eyes Of the World Window Restoration
  • Ginasis Construction
  • Greening of Detroit
  • J E Jordan Landscaping Inc.
  • Joyful Construction and Home Improvement
  • Kevin 4 All Seasons
  • Lawns by RC LLC
  • LT Fons
  • M & M Environmental Landscaping
  • Mansfield Farm and 4-H
  • Metropolitan Alternative Energy Inc.
  • Rapid rehab detroit
  • RAW Demolition and Environmental Services
  • Rowsey Construction and Development
  • Southwest Environmental Vision
  • Southwest Grows
  • SP Heating and Cooling
  • Spartan Paving
  • Star Eclipse Development LLC
  • SunShine Waterproofing
  • Sweepers
  • VanGuard CDC
  • Warrendale Community Organization
  • Wiley Exotic Greening