DWSD Landlord and Tenant Agreements Information

Landlord - Tenant Agreement (LTA) is a contract that transfer the responsibility of the DWSD water and sewerage account from the landlord to the tenant.

Discontinue (Turn-Off) Service as a Homeowner/Landlord 

Are you a homeowner or landlord who is selling or vacating a property? Whatever the situation, you must be the authorized account holder to request this service. Please be aware that you will need to pay your balance, either before turn-off or once billed after turn-off, depending on the account status. 

Ways to contact the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) to request the closing meter reading and/or turn-off water service: 

  1. Submit request online.
  2. Email the DWSD Customer Service Real Estate team at [email protected].
  3. Call DWSD Customer Service at 313-267-8000.


Discontinue (Turn-Off) Service as a Tenant  

Are you a tenant vacating a property and need to discontinue (turn-off) service?

Here are the options you can take to make the request to discontinue (turn-off) service. 

  1. Request through DWSD Customer Self-Service Portal here.
    Select "Services" on the left panel options and then "Move Out".
    Follow the prompts according to your situation..
  2. Or call DWSD Customer Service at 313-267-8000 to request a meter reading and account closure [only the owner can request turn off].
    You can pre-fill out this form and email to: [email protected]
    You may also print this form and mail it to:
        Detroit Water and Sewerage Department
        Customer Service - Tenant Form
        735 Randolph St.
        Detroit MI, 48226