Water and Sewer Maintenance/Emergencies

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) maintains 2,700 miles of water distribution pipes (water mains) and 3,000 miles of sewer collection piping. DWSD has an aggressive preventative maintenance program, a five-year Capital Improvement Program to begin to address our aging infrastructure, and has a skilled field services team that is responsive to emergencies.


If you need to report a water or sewer emergency, please call 313-267-8000 and press option 4, or use the Improve Detroit mobile app.


Do you have a Water Main break?

Cold Detroit winters, spring thaws and summer extreme heat can lead to breaks in the pipes that carry water to our customers. Whenever the ground shifts due to dramatic temperature changes, it can put pressure on the pipes.

DWSD has an aggressive leak detection program, but you can help too. Millions of gallons of precious drinking water resources can be lost in a short time, so fast detection is critical. If you suspect a leak in your neighborhood, please call us at 313-267-8000 or use the Improve Detroit mobile app.

Watch this video to learn about how DWSD responds to water main breaks.


Do you have an overflow or sewer backup?

Contact the Detroit Water and Sewerage Depeartment (DWSD)  upon discovery of an overflow or sewer backup. If you have an overflow or sewer backup into your home or business, complete a DWSD claim form. State law requires you file a written claim with your local water utility, DWSD in this case, within 45 days after the overflow or backup was discovered.

Did you file a claim with DWSD?

DWSD reviews your claim and responds within 120 days after the 45-day deadline as noted above. There is no need to contact DWSD to follow-up on your claim -- it will not fast-track the process. In some instances, DWSD staff or representative may contact you for additional information such as receipts and photographs.

Claim Form Instructions:

  • Download the DWSD Claims Form
     and complete on your computer or mobile device then print and sign, or print and complete by hand.
  • The claim form must be completed in its entirety and supporting documents must be attached. Failure to provide the required documentation will bar your claim.
  • If you need step-by-step instructions, view this file.
  • Mail the claim form to:

    DWSD Claims Division

    6425 Huber Detroit, MI 48211 ATTN: Claims Division