Gun Permits Information

License to Purchase a firearm (no cost, valid for 30 days)

1. All applicants must have a valid Michigan drivers license or state identification card
2. All applicants must be a resident in the state of Michigan
3. All applicants must complete an application and undergo an extensive criminal history check
4. Permission to purchase a firearm can be obtained directly from a FFL dealer
5. All weapons purchased must be registered within 10 days of purchase or risk being ticketed
6. No licenses will be issued for an individual seeking to purchase a firearm for another individual

Limits of permit to purchase and registration
 Sec. 38-10-14. Limits of permit to purchase and registration.

(a) No permit to purchase a handgun, registration certificate for any handgun shall be issued to:

 (1) Any person under eighteen (18) years of age;
 (2) Any person addicted to any controlled substance as defined in MCLA 333.7104 
 (3) Any person convicted of a felony within the eight-year period immediately preceding the application, whether in this state or elsewhere;
 (4) Any person currently adjudged by a court of this state or another state to be mentally incompetent;
 (5) Any person who has been released from the Michigan Youth Commission detention within the five-year period immediately preceding the application for a permit to purchase a handgun. Where the person's detention was a result of a petition of delinquency for a violation of United States, State of Michigan or City of Detroit law or laws which would have constituted a felony if the offender had been an adult;
 (6) Any person who possesses a firearm or handgun that is in violation of federal law, or the law of this state or the ordinances of the City of Detroit.
 (7) All applicants must not have any pending criminal convictions or outstanding warrants
(Additional) All firearms must have proper documentation (proof of purchase/inheritance etc) prior to registration
**There is no fee for the registration of any firearm or the License to Purchase , however each License to Purchase issued must be notarized prior to the purchasing of a firearm.  We offer notary service for $10.00 or you can opt to utilize the services of an outside notary.

(b) Any purported registration by any person ineligible to register a handgun under this section is null and void.

 (1) A non-refundable fee as determined by the chief of police shall accompany each registration application filed under this chapter.
 (2) The registration fee shall not be applicable to Detroit Police Department approved and Detroit Police Department issued handguns and Detroit Police Department approved privately owned handguns of police and peace officers domiciled in the City of Detroit.
 (3) The registration fee shall not be applicable to handguns of retired police officers or peace officers having valid active concealed weapons permits.


 (Ord. No. 12-89, § 1, 7-19-89)