CORE Members


Core Members 2023

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office

  • Mary Engelman, Executive Manager
  • Jihad H. Taleb, Project Manager and Analytics Specialist

Training Committee

  • Hedaiyah Aboubaker, Officer
  • Michele Harris, Executive Manager
  • Eric Carthan, Corporal
  • Kellie Zeolla, Officer

Fundraising and Treasury Sub Committee

  • Joy Estell, Senior Emergency Service Deployment Operator
  • Sonya Smith, Employee Services Consultant II

Complaints and Concerns Sub Committee

  • Leslie Hunter, Head Clerk
  • Pamela Bolden, Sergeant
  • Yolanda Mendoza Ruiz McCleary, Office Assistant II
  • Rhonda Sherman, Sergeant

Logistics and Marketing Sub Committee

  • Anrico Celeste Lockhart, Emergency Service Deployment Operator
  • Richard Claude Knox, Sergeant
  • Daniel S. Nielsen, Master Sergeant
  • Anthony Williams, Sergeant

Internal and External Events Sub Committee

  • Lynn Miller, Administrative Assistant
  • Victoria Reilly, Officer
  • Yolanda Stinson, Admin Specialist I
  • Arianna Eloni Biggens, Crime Analyst