2016 Crime Statistics

2016 Detroit Crime Stats Overview 

According to initial year-end 2016 data generated by the Detroit Police Department, most categories of crime continued to decline in Detroit over the past 12 months. Overall, reports of violent crime fell 6.7% in Detroit compared to 2015, and are down 9.4% since 2014. Reported carjackings in 2016 were down 39% from the previous year, while robberies overall were down by 17.4%. Non fatal shootings also were down by 8% compared to the previous year. Reported property crimes overall dropped by 5.3% in the past year.

The categories of crime to see an increase in 2016 were homicide (up 2.3%), rape (up 4.8%) and auto theft (up 5.8%).

Below is a series of tables and data that show the trends among the various categories of crime over the past 12 months and past several years.