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Important Detroit Income Tax Phone Numbers

Assistance and Information - (313) 224-3315
Please note: During high call volume periods, calls may become disconnected due to system limitations on the number of calls that can be held in queue.

Fax – (313) 224-4588

Non-filers/Compliance – (313) 224-3330

Bankruptcy – (313) 224-9158

Civil Action – (313) 224-3341

Corporation and Partnerships – (313) 628-2905

Employer Withholding – (517) 636-5829

Estates and Trusts – (313) 628-2523

GC Services – (877) 497-0804

Mailing Address:

City of Detroit
Finance Department / Income Tax Division
Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
2 Woodward Avenue, Suite 130
Detroit, MI 48226


Personal Exemptions Reduced

Personal Exemptions:

Effective tax year 2005, personal tax exemptions reduced from $750 to $600.


Non-residents who work less than 100% of their time within the City of Detroit are required to complete Schedule N on page 2 of the D-1040 (NR).

Effective tax year 2005, City of Detroit is requiring that non-resident taxpayers who allocate less than 100% of their income to provide the following documentation:

Letter from their employer to verify lines 1 and 2 of Schedule N. The letter should include the name, title and phone number of the person signing the letter and should be on the official letterhead of the employer, and
Documentation/work-log showing days/time worked in/out of the City of Detroit

Non-resident taxpayers based in Detroit who work in their homes cannot use those days as days worked outside Detroit.  Regulation 13.2 of the City Income Tax Ordinance provides that: “The mere fact that a non-resident employee takes work home with him and performs such work at his home does not permit allocation of compensation”.

If no documentation is provided-employer letter and work log, the tax return will be returned requesting the missing documentation. This will result in delayed refunds.

Please click link below for the tax return type and appropriate address

City of Detroit Income Tax Rates

City of Detroit 2012 Income Tax Rates   City of Detroit 2013 Income Tax Rates
Income tax rates for the calendar year 2012 are as follows unless otherwise notified:   Income tax rates for the calendar year 2013 and subsequent years are as follows, unless otherwise notified:
Resident Individuals: 2.45%   Resident Individuals: 2.4%
Non-Resident Individuals: 1.225%   Non-Resident Individuals: 1.2%
Corporations: 2.00%   Corporations: 2.00%
    This affects 2013 employer withholding account filings and estimated income tax filers.

Should you have any questions, you may contact our Withholding Section at  Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


City of Detroit

Finance Department
Income Tax Division


Withholding Tax

As part of our continuous effort to help streamline our tax processing capabilities, we have developed a new secure internet application to aid all Detroit based businesses.  These new mandatory procedures will provide a quick and easy way of submitting DW-3 (Annual Reconciliation) and accompanying W-2 information beginning with tax year 2012.

For steps to electronically submit DW-3 and W-2 data online, click here.

For additional assistance, contact the Detroit Income Tax Department-Withholding Section at 313-224-9596.


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