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How Detroit’s ARPA funds are being spent

Residents are taking part in the amazing opportunities created by the City of Detroit with funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). #DetForLife


Three ways to take part



Take Part Here!

Residents of Detroit are encouraged to #TakePart in the many opportunities, events and community meetings related to ARPA projects as we work to make Detroit a great place to live, work and play.
For questions about ARPA, email [email protected]



As of April 15, 2024


Appropriated: Total funds issued to the City of Detroit from the $1.2 trillion American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). City Council appropriated 15 uses for these funds in June 2021.

Programmed: Total funds allocated to initiatives that have project plans and budgets, identified City-stakeholders, and clear outputs and outcomes

Obligated: Combined total of Council-approved contracts, subrecipient agreements and funds budgeted for personnel

Spent: Total funds expended - ex, vendor invoices, personnel costs, subrecipient payments, issued grants, etc.

ARPA funds must be obligated by December 31, 2024, and spent by December 31, 2026.

ARPA funds cannot be used directly for pensions, debts, settlements, judgments, or rainy-day funds.

ARPA funds cannot be used for expenses incurred prior to March 3, 2021

Interested in becoming a supplier?

The City of Detroit will receive $826.7 million from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and plans to create a variety of programs to improve the quality of life for Detroiters. That means that the Office of Contracting and Procurement will be looking for businesses that can provide a variety of goods and services. If you're a Detroit business owner, this may be your chance to do business with the City.

First, you'll need to register as a supplier.

Apply for Bids
Review the specifics of what goods and services the City is seeking, then submit a bid based on your company's expertise or products.

Pending Contracts
See the contracts going through the approval process.

Approved Contracts
See what contracts the City has approved.

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ARPA is impacting lives and neighborhoods across Detroit