2021 - 2022 Neighborhood Opportunity Fund Subrecipients

2021 – 2022 Neighborhood Opportunity Fund Subrecipients

Accounting Aid Society - Awarded $82,950 for addressing economic opportunity by ensuring Detroit residents obtain access to the tax refunds and credits to which they are entitled. (Education)

Bridging Communities - Awarded $77,945 for senior activities; non-medical transportation to doctor’s visits, nutritional support. Volunteer training to provide small home repairs and home chore services. (Seniors)

Clark Park Coalition - Awarded $77,945 for providing youth with after-school and summer recreational, educational, and sports programs that increase life and social skills; assisting with homework; teaching healthy eating and nutrition education; and providing youth employment opportunities. (Recreation)

Center for Employment Opportunities - Awarded $77,945 for running the CEO program which aims to reduce recidivism and improve employment outcomes for people returning home from incarceration. (Education)

Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance - Awarded $62,945 for promoting the personal development of the neighborhood's youth by providing them with opportunities to engage in authentic decision-making and strong adult-youth partnerships through recreational programming and the Cody Rouge Youth Services Council. (Recreation)

Coleman A. Young Foundation - Awarded $61,813 for providing an after-school program for youth 6-12, youth leadership development program, parents’ workshops, life skills programming, and instilling confidence in Detroit students. (Education)

DAPCEP (Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program) - Awarded $62,945 for partnering with universities, training programs, and K-12 school systems in order to connect youth to the best science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) educational experiences. (Education)

Delray United Action Council - Awarded $72,945 for providing transportation to senior residents living within the project area who are in need of transportation to school to obtain their GED, medical appointments, food shopping and to the Delray Center. DUAC also has an adult day care program that provides food & friendship/congregate meals, arts & crafts and senior outings. (Seniors)

Dominican Literacy Center - Awarded $82,950 for providing educational programs to tutor adults to read, write, and perform basic math operations, GED preparation, as well as learning computer skills. (Education)

Fair Housing Center of Metropolitan Detroit- Awarded $72,945 for providing Detroit residents with on-going fair housing education services to eliminate impediments to fair housing choice and providing equality of housing opportunities for all protected classes and ethnic groups. (Education)

Focus:Hope - Awarded $77,945 for preparing unemployed and under-employed Detroiters for information technology jobs, creating greater economic self-sufficiency. (Education)

Heritage Works - Awarded $62,945 for providing the Youth Works program that consists of Heritage School and Work Arts. Heritage School uses dance, rhythm and folklore activities to help youth explore the movement, music, and traditions of different ethnic groups. Work Arts is a year-round culture and career success program. (Recreation)

International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit - Awarded $77,950 for providing adult educational services including ESL, GED, and financial empowerment classes, career development and vocational training programs as well as immigration/legal services. (Education)

Jefferson East, Inc. - Awarded $72,945 for providing the community with supplemental police patrols, crime statistic monitoring, resident safety organizing, safety assessments, target hardening services, and domestic violence prevention and recovery services. (Public Safety)

Joy-Southfield CDC - Awarded $72,945 for providing preventative health education programs and services, such as a farmers market and Healthy Eating Activity & Learning (HEAL) workshops to the residents of Cody Rouge. (Health)

L&L Adult Day Care - Awarded $72,945 for providing adult day care services for senior citizens age 60 or older with or without developmental disabilities, mental impairments and/or physical disabilities, as well as providing respite for caregivers. (Seniors)

LASED (Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development) - Awarded $72,945 for operating a senior center in Southwest Detroit which operates a food and friendship program, health and disease prevention classes for primarily Hispanic senior citizens who are monolingual or limited English-speaking. (Seniors)

Luella Hannan Memorial Foundation (Hannan Center) - Awarded $77,945 for providing case management, information/referral, legal assistance, and small emergency grants to Detroit seniors. (Seniors)

Matrix Human Services - Awarded $77,945 for providing services to seniors to increase self-sufficiency in their homes. Services include access to direct services, nutritional and emergency food assistance, transportation services, and medical services. (Seniors)

Mercy Education Project - Awarded $72,945 for providing educational opportunities, life skills development, and cultural enrichment to help at-risk girls and women in Southwest Detroit. (Education)

Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit - Awarded $67,945 for providing Mosaic Youth Ensembles, a comprehensive multi-tiered out-of-school-time Creative Youth Development program providing year-round performing arts/life-skills training, performance experience and travel opportunities to underserved youth. (Recreation)

My Community Dental Center - Awarded $77,945 for providing oral healthcare, including complete and partial dentures, to low-income patients within the City of Detroit. (Health)

Neighborhood Legal Services - Awarded $72,945 for providing case management services, legal services and appropriate referrals to victims of human trafficking. (Public Safety)

Project Healthy Community - Awarded $82,950 for providing the Family Wellness Program to improve the health of Detroit residents through improved health literacy, health behaviors, nutrition, and exercise. The program seeks to strengthen the relationship between participants and their primary care providers. (Health)

SER Metro Detroit - Awarded $72,945 for providing an Educational GED and Workforce Development program. Adult Basic Education programs provide Detroit youth and adults education in literacy, mathematics, and science. (Education)

Siena Literacy Center - Awarded $77,945 for providing educational one-to-one or small group tutorial services to adults to increase their basic skills, assist ESL learners, increase computer literacy and prepare them for taking the GED or seeking employment. (Education)

St. Patrick Senior Center - Awarded $82,950 for providing companionship and acting as a liaison with community and medical resources to ensure seniors receive services needed to maintain independence, thereby preventing institutionalization through a daily meal program, an on-site medical clinic, and enhanced senior fitness program. (Seniors)

Southwest Economic Solution Corporation - Awarded $77,945 for providing MathUp, an accelerated GED program for adult learners that addresses the significant challenges of passing the math portion of the GED exam. (Education)

Southwest Detroit Business Association - Awarded $50,000 for providing recreation opportunities for youth ages 9-18 with the COMPAS music, dance and theatre programs. (Recreation)

Teen HYPE - Awarded $67,945 for providing educational programs to prepare teens for the next stage of life through life skills development, sexual health education and performing arts training. (Recreation)

The Greening of Detroit - Awarded $77,945 for providing job training and placement services for adults through the Detroit Conservation Corps through classroom instruction, hands-on training, certification opportunities, and integrated support services. (Education)

The Youth Connection - Awarded $77,945 for providing youth programming with career development opportunities by exposing, engaging and training youth for employment, teaching life skills, and assisting with internship and certification opportunities. (Education)

Urban Neighborhood Initiative - Awarded $72,945 for ensuring all residents have access to primary and secondary education and post-secondary education and job training opportunities that lead to economic stability and growth. (Education)

Wellspring - Awarded $77,945 for providing math and reading curriculum, recreation, field trips, college prep, community service, outdoor adventure and leadership development for youth and young adults. (Education)

World Medical Relief - Awarded $77,945 for operating an Affordable Prescription Program, providing prescription medication to individuals 18 and older who do not have financial resources or insurance to pay retail price for their medication. (Health)

YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit - Awarded $77,945 for elevating achievement through standardized test-taking strategies, interactive career exploration, workforce development, summer employment, mentoring and academic support. (Education)