Neighborhood Beautification Program


The Neighborhood Beautification Program is funded by the Neighborhood Improvement Fund and American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA/NIF) for $2.25 Million

The purpose of the Neighborhood Improvement Fund (NIF) is to offer small grants to Detroit neighborhood block clubs/associations, non-profits, small businesses, community collaboratives, residents, etc. Some of the expressed purposes include to remove blight, provide new recreational opportunities, provide home repairs for seniors and the disabled, educational and apprenticeship opportunities for young people and to finance affordable housing developments all in an effort to enhance, strengthen, and transform Detroit neighborhoods.

These funds can be used to fuel creative ideas, spark neighborhood revitalization, or strengthen the connections between neighborhood-based groups. The City of Detroit will provide resources to allow the aforementioned eligible organizations and residents to become actively engaged in the health and well-being of their community and to encourage residents to get involved in making their neighborhood better.

The 34 recipients of the first NBP grants are: 

1.            In Memory of Community Garden -- D7 PUBLIC SPACE IMPROVEMENTS
2.           Berg-Lahser Community Association -- D1 URBAN GARDEN
3.           Canfield Consortium -- D4 URBAN GARDEN
4.           New Beginnings CDC -- D4 URBAN GARDEN
5.           NW Goldberg Cares -- D5 PUBLIC SPACE IMPROVEMENTS
6.           Demographic Inspiration's Detroit -- D2 URBAN GARDEN
7.           Woodbridge Neighborhood Development -- D6 URBAN GARDEN + CLEAN-UP ACTIVITIES
8.           Mohican Regent Homeowners Association -- D3 PUBLIC SPACE IMPROVEMENTS
9.           Rescue MI Nature Now -- D3 URBAN GARDEN
10.         Grandmont #1 Improvement Association -- D1 URBAN GARDEN + CLEAN-UP ACTIVITIES
11.          Minock Park Block Association -- D1 URBAN GARDEN + CLEAN-UP ACTIVITIES
12.         Crane Street Garden -- D3 URBAN GARDEN
13.         Arboretum Detroit -- D5 URBAN GARDEN
14.         Nardin Park Improvement Rock -- D7 URBAN GARDEN
15.         North Rosedale Park Block Captains -- D1 URBAN GARDEN
16.         Calyxeum Catalyst -- D7 URBAN GARDEN
17.         Renaissance of Hope Inc. -- D7 CLEAN-UP ACTIVITIES
18.         Camp Restore Detroit -- D4 CLEAN-UP ACTIVITIES
19.         Sanctuary Farms Block Club -- D4 URBAN GARDEN
20.         Marjorie Street Garden -- D3 URBAN GARDEN
21.         Class Act Detroit -- D6 PUBLIC SPACE IMPROVEMENTS
22.         United Block Club Council -- D6 URBAN GARDEN
23.         Evergreen Block Club -- D7 URBAN GARDEN
24.         Mt. Olivet Neighborhood Watch -- D3 URBAN GARDEN
25.         Esper Street Robert Aviation Community -- D7 URBAN GARDEN
26.         Cross Pollination Corridor Project -- D1 URBAN GARDEN
27.         Field Temple -- D5 URBAN GARDEN
28.         North Rosedale Park Civic Association -- D1 PUBLIC SPACE IMPROVEMENTS
29.         East Davison Village Community Group -- D3 URBAN GARDEN
30.         DeSoto Ellsworth Block Association -- D7 URBAN GARDEN
31.          Schoolcraft Improvement Association -- D1 URBAN GARDEN
32.         Bailey Park Neighborhood Development Corporation -- D5 URBAN GARDEN
33.         A Place of Refuge -- D7 URBAN GARDEN
34.         PR²OmiSE (Peers Responding to Overlooked Matters in Social Environments) -- D2 URBAN GARDEN


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