Neighborhood Beautification Program



The Neighborhood Beautification Program (NBP) provides grants to Detroit-based block clubs, neighborhood associations, nonprofit organizations, and faith-based organizations to carry out a project on up to four vacant lots in their community. Funded with $2.25 million from the Neighborhood Improvement Fund and the American Rescue Plan Act, the NBP offers grants of $500 to $15,000 for community gardens, public space improvements, and clean-up activities. 

This grant is managed in partnership with Wayne Metro. To apply for the NBP grant, please visit the Wayne Metro website.

To be eligible for funding, organizations:

  • Must be a City-registered block club or neighborhood association (contact your Department of Neighborhoods district manager for questions regarding registering your block club);
  • Non-profit or faith-based organizations can apply in partnership with a neighborhood association or block club (complete the NBP partnership letter template here);
  • Must provide proof of ownership of the lots to be improved in the name of the applicant 501c(3) or LLC (parcels in the names of individuals will not be accepted); and
  • Only lots zoned as R1, R2, or R3 are eligible for funding (check the zoning of your lots here).

For more information on applicant eligibility, please visit the Wayne Metro Grant Eligibility Checklist.


Grant funding can be used towards community gardens, public space improvements, and clean-up activities, including but not limited to:

NBP Eligible Projects


Please note that the following are common requests that are NOT eligible for NBP funding:

NBP NON Eligible Projects


If your organization does not own vacant land in your neighborhood, you may license lots from the Detroit Land Bank Authority (DLBA) to conduct clean-up activities with NBP funding. Parcels must be listed on the DLBA website as Neighborhood Lots to be eligible for funding. Please only apply for lots within one mile of your block club or organization. 

Note that community gardens and public space improvements are not eligible for funding through the Lot Licensing Program. 



The application for the second round of NBP grants will open on Wednesday, February 8th on the Wayne Metro Website. If you are interested in pursuing a clean-up activity on a DLBA-owned lot through the Lot Licensing Program, you can apply through the DLBA Create-A-Project Website. Applications are due on Friday, March 17th. No documents will be accepted after the application closes.

Required documents include:


To view a recording of the first NBP Information Session held on January 25th, click here. To download a copy of the presentation, click here.

To view a recording of the second NBP Plot Plan and Permitting Session held on February 1st, click here. To download a copy of the presentation, click here.

To register for the Q+A Session on Wednesday, February 22nd from 9am-10am, click here.

NBP Office Hours are held virtually every Wednesday from 9am-11am and Friday from 11am-1pm. Additionally, other City departments and agencies are available at the Land-Based Projects Office Hours every other Thursday from 12pm-1pm.

For questions, please contact Samuel Coons, Karmel Reeves, or Tamra Hardy. For technical support, please contact Wayne Metro or call (313)388-9788.


The first round of NBP grants were distributed in the fall of 2022, with 34 organizations receiving a cumulative total of $481,500 for projects in every City Council district. The first 34 recipients are: 
1.    Berg-Lahser Community Association (D1)
2.    Cross Pollination Corridor Project (D1)
3.    Grandmont #1 Improvement Association (D1)
4.    Minock Park Block Association (D1)
5.    North Rosedale Park Civic Association (D1)
6.    North Rosedale Park Block Captains (D1)
7.    Schoolcraft Improvement Association (D1)
8.    Demographic Inspirations Detroit (D2)
9.    PR²OmiSE (D2)
10.    Crane Street Garden (D3)
11.    East Davison Village Community Group (D3)
12.    Marjorie Street Garden (D3)
13.    Mohican Regent Homeowners Association (D3)
14.    Mt. Olivet Neighborhood Watch (D3)
15.    Rescue MI Nature Now (D3)
16.    Camp Restore Detroit (D4)
17.    Canfield Consortium (D4)
18.    New Beginnings CDC (D4)
19.    Sanctuary Farms Block Club (D4)
20.    Arboretum Detroit (D5)
21.    Bailey Park NDC (D5)
22.    Field Temple (D5)
23.    NW Goldberg Cares (D5)
24.    Class Act Detroit (D6)
25.    United Block Club Council (D6)
26.    Woodbridge Neighborhood Development (D6)
27.    A Place of Refuge (D7)
28.    Calyxeum Catalyst (D7)
29.    DeSoto Ellsworth Block Association (D7)
30.    Evergreen Block Club (D7)
31.    Esper Street Robert Aviation Community (D7)
32.    In Memory of Community Garden (D7)
33.    Nardin Park Improvement Rock (D7)
34.    Renaissance of Hope Inc. (D7)