National / Michigan Preparedness Month

National Preparedness Month is observed each September to raise awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies that could happen at any time. 



The 2023 National Preparedness Month theme is “Take Control in 1, 2, 3”

This theme empowers everyone, especially older adults, to

1) assess their needs,

2) make a plan

3) engage their support network to stay safe when disaster strikes.


Older adults can face greater risks when it comes to the multitude of extreme weather events and emergencies we now face, especially if they are living alone, have low-income, have a disability, or live in rural areas.

Assess your needs. If you have medications that need refrigeration, rely on mobility or assistive devices or have a pet you’ll need to understand how these variables will factor into what you’ll need to stay safe in a disaster or emergency.

Make a plan. Once you assess your needs, you can tailor your plans to make sure your needs are met. This can include building a kit that includes extra medication, having a way to store medications in an emergency and planning for your pets or service animals. If you’re an older adult or work with and support older adult communities visit and for resources.

Engage your support network. Reaching out to family, friends and neighbors can help you build a support network that can support you before, during and after a disaster or emergency. Share each aspect of your emergency plan with everyone in your group, including a friend or relative in another area who would not be impacted by the same emergency who can help if necessary. Make sure everyone knows how you plan to evacuate your home or workplace and where you will go in case of a disaster. Make sure that someone in your personal support network has an extra key to your home and knows where you keep your emergency supplies. Practice your plan with those who have agreed to be part of your personal support network.


Please visit for information regarding:

Disasters and Emergencies

Emergency Plans

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Family Communications Plan

Tips for Older Adults

Extreme Weather Hazards Tips



Please visit for important preparedness tips and resources, including:

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Family Emergency Plan

Extreme Weather Preparedness

Campus Emergency Preparedness



Search Emergency Preparedness on this DHSEM website for additional tips and resources.